thoracic outlet syndrome?

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2 months 5 days ago #29807 by kullboys
thoracic outlet syndrome? was created by kullboys
Hi all. I have had pain in my shoulder,arm,hand,neck,head and r side chest for 4 years. In aug last year my r hip , buttock , thigh and calf began aching viciously after electric shock likec10/10 pains i that hip. The leg aside, my shoulder and arm is getting worse and drs have no idea. Have tried acupuncture, weekly massage, exercises (which exacerbate it no end!), heat/ice, topicals (various), natropathic suggestions, nerve drugs, antanticonvulsants, opiates, nsaids, rest, stellage ganglion block (which did help), 2× lignocaibe infusions and a failed ketamine infusion.Could it be thoracic outlet syndrome pain from any ond elses personal experience with TOS? Im at wits end-just wang my arm chopped off!
Thanks .

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1 month 2 weeks ago #29859 by Canjam
Replied by Canjam on topic thoracic outlet syndrome?
Hi Kullboys,

I’ve actually just been diagnosed with TOS this week. It looks like I was misdiagnosed and had surgery for the wrong thing. Best bet is to head and see your doctor to arrange a MRI of the cervical spine. Some of the symptoms you have are symptoms of TOS. If it has been ongoing for this long too, you may need to have nerve conduction studies to see the extent of nerve damage if there is any.
Best of luck, really hope you find out the answer.

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3 weeks 4 days ago #29909 by Johnno
Replied by Johnno on topic thoracic outlet syndrome?
Hi kullboys,
I agree with canjam but I would ask for a referral to a neorosurgeon a full spine CT with radiation will show all areas that are the cause,if your in Brissie I could send you a few names PMd

Good luck

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