Oxycontin Sandoz changing formulation to same as brand oxycodone

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11 months 1 week ago #28927 by zebrastripey
Hello everyone,

I am a longer term pain patient and reader of this forum. I wanted to alert others through my personal experience, that may be in a similar situation and are sensitive to any changes in medications. This forum has helped me in not feeling alone and reading about others experiences. I found personal experiences information about this generic Sandoz brand and the people experiencing bad side effects from the brand type a few years ago. It really helped me after I had had a miserable time with the brand name formulation, knowing I was not the only one.

The oxycontin 'Sandoz' generic which is easier on the stomach for some like me and effective may be changing to be similar to the brand. These are the ' plasticy ' looking branded type oxycontin formulation. These may work for others but cause distressing side effects and had put me off trying oxycontin at all as a means to rotate and keep dosage lower.

The Sandoz brand I recieved when recently filling a script was like this plasticy looking formulation was renamed ' novocodone'. This is instead of oxycodone Sandoz. The pharmacist assured me the formulation was the same and they were just different packaging. This was not my experience and I have had the same distressing gastric side effects and lack of pain relief as when I once tried the brand formulation of oxycontin.

I don't know if this generic formulation will still be available in it's previous form and will be having this conversation with my doctor. I rotate between this and another medication yearly to keep my dosages lower and this keeps my pain at the managable levels.

I just wanted to post this as a thankyou. Also for those of you that may go to fill your scripts and not have ready access to a supportive doctor or want to be suddenly using a new formulation that might interact differently with your system, without a warning to try other medications or book a back up appointment to consult with your doctor if you have been using this generic medicine 'oxycontin Sandoz'.

I am also considering trying the Targin if anyone has any experience with this? I am using the forum to research others experiences. Any comments on personal experiences with Targin vs oxycontin also welcomed. Or if anyone has any information if this helpful generic formulation of the Sandoz brand will also still be available. These are all just my own experiences to share with others. Wishing everyone a lower pain day.

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2 months 1 week ago - 2 months 1 week ago #29687 by lbj11
Hey Zeb. The Generics are on back order. The pharmacist I know well, said they are just on backorder and will be back in stock again. Sandoz make the Modified release tabs (the ones that you take) And they also sell Novacodone, which is Oxycontin Name brand just repackaged, it actually says OXN so they are made at the same place and are just made by perdue.

so there are a few reasons the new formulation isnt as good in my personal opinion. I find they dont work well at all I feel they are about 70-80% as good as Sandoz generic!

So 1. the way the pill works is much different.
Name brand Oxycontin uses a method/matrix called AcroContin delivery system. it is a polymer or Plastic with mini holes in it
This system is Biphasic meaning 2 phases 40 minutes after taking and GI fluid touches the tablet %60% is released and then at hour 6 the remaining 40% is released the PH of the stomach does not influence its release rate. it releases same as water or Hydrochloric acid identical release rates.

2.eating a polymer or plastic I dont really like the sound of that. and my body doesn't either! 25 mins after taking I get heavy saliva and feel like upset stomach I have gas.

3. the modified release version of Sandoz is not biphasic
It does not use a plastic. Basically the chemical (oxycodone) is suspended in a long/medium chain Fatty acid. which is very natural its most likely a Coconut oil believe it or not. its that simple. its probably why the junkies like them too! but basically the drug is released much more steady. so it doesnt release 60 % at the start then 40% 6 hours later. it releases steady state 2.5mg per hour (roughly) which is why I think they work better

if you take endone or IR oxycodone. you know it only lasts 3-4 hours MAX. so the name brand Oxycontin does release its 2ndary amount until 7 hours so when you take the name brand you get your 60% it wears off after 4 hours and then the tablet doesnt release anything for another 3 hours. So you essentially dont have any in your system until 3 hours pass

But I am in the same boat. I know they dont work as well for me and I require 2 extra breakthrough Endone tabs.

So yeah I feel your pain. but dont stress they should be back in stock shortly
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