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Hi Naty,

I'm so sorry for what you are going through but Peter is right you are not the only one who has experienced this type of behaviour from Dr's and not the last I'm afraid :(
I'm on the Upper Gold Coast and happy to message you details of who I see if that will help, and Johnno is nearer to Brisbane so he could recommend people up there. Not sure where you are but as Peter said "us Banana Benders" might be able to help!!!!
Just let me know if you need any names. I have been managing my chronic pain for 17 years now and I have rode this roller coaster for most of that time but currently my management plan in place and the people who I see have me on the right track. I am unable to take strong pain relief due to the horrendous side effects. I currently take a very low dose of Lyrica, but I am aiming to wean off that too due to the horrible weight gain. My husband keeps reminding me that the weight gain doesn't matter in the big picture as my CRPS pain is managed better, but I just feel horrible so my next plan is to speak to all my team and work at it together.
I hope you get someone who can help. You really need a team who can work together. My team currently consists of Physio, GP, Reflexologist, Neurologist, Pain Specialist and a Psychologist.

Keep us posted and please don't hesitate to message me.

Jo :)

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naty wrote: Hey,
I was wondering if Lyrica didn't do anything for you, what did?

I tried Neurontin after that and it didn't do much different, actually it was worse. For a while it was just Targin till I got a new GP as the old one retired. For the nerve pain he recommended trying low dose Endep which nobody had mentioned before and it was actually the first thing that helped with the sciatic nerve pain in my leg. In the end though, nothing really worked properly to give me a decent quality of life until until I had the surgery. If I'd listened to the independent specialist like the insurance company did, surgery apparently wasn't warranted, even though all other options failed to provide relief. I had to dig deep into my super to fund it, but it was worth every single cent:)

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Thanks for replying.
I PM'd you.

I'm going to see my kids walk down the isle one day.

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myalgic1 vent away ... :-)

My whinge today is my nightmares have returned ... who would of thought a grown man would have scary nightmares especially when nothing much scares me when I'm awake ... also having a crappy time with pain in all parts of my body ... I've been doing gym sessions three times a week, nothing strenuous just some stretching excercises followed by a physio session, I've been enjoying the interaction & been coping ok and then wham out of the blue I feel like I've been hit by a truck and every joint hurts moving or not moving ..

Fuckfuckfuckityfuck sickofit :-(
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Hey Michael,

Nightmares yep I went through that and it worked out to be my medication , I was having three dimensional vivid dreams/nightmares and I was fighting them as they were attacking my wife and myself and I was trying to protect us both in my sleep except I was lashing out at my wife , go and talk to both your GP and your pharmacist it is quite possibly your medication or a combination of medication.
I have a pharmacist who I can trust and she takes the time to check if I have any issues especially with my medication


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1 year 4 months ago #28156 by Michael
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Morning Johnno,

Yes I do believe your right, but in my case it's when I stupidly stop taking my black dog medication. I've always had this thing about long term negative thoughts about popping pills, I've been prescribed so many different medications and all have caused some type of side effects. The last few days I've been in more pain than usual which in itself doesn't sit well with my brain. Anyhow I'm back on the roundabout and last night I had a decent sleep until 4am which is more than I have been getting.

Hope your doing well

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