Nerve Pain

4 years 6 days ago #26473 by june45
Replied by june45 on topic Nerve Pain
Hi Kitty,

I am not sure what decompression surgery you are being offered but I can relate somewhat from my own experience. If it is to relieve progressive increase in nerve syptoms from compression accompanying increase in losing movement and numbness/ tingling then sooner can be better. I am not talking about CNS responses or deconditioning.
I am guessing This would unlikely be offered to you if this was what it was about. The decompression surgery I had did not relieve my pain but protected my functionality and stopped the progression of the nerves being cut off. I am still deeply grateful for that. It sounds like you know yourself and are taking a sensible approach to research what has been advised and how it can be applied to you as a whole person in your long term life. You know your own symptoms. We really have to be our own health advocates at times. I too find the tens wonderful non drug pain relief too. Thanks for sharing & very best of luck in your research & decision making.

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4 years 5 days ago #26483 by Johnno
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Hey Kitty,

Are you anywhere near Brisvegas cos I know an awesome nuerosurgeon and she is a lady.
My Physio is a person that does things differently to other physios in that he is very gentle and prefers gentle massage to manhandling.
I've had some rough physios over the years and am grateful to have found him.
Take care Kitty cat


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1 month 1 week ago - 1 month 1 week ago #30401 by anneoa
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I think surgery should be the final step. But before that, you should try all possible medicines and therapy. There are plenty of treatment schemes for every disease today. Surgery may not help and it would not be possible to return to the previous condition. Have you heard of Edonlinestore ? There are many supplements on the site, so it is interesting to find someone who tried them.
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1 week 22 hours ago #30413 by Brett3
Replied by Brett3 on topic Nerve Pain
G’day, was just wondering if Kitty is still around and how she is going? Hope you found some relief. Harpy

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