Bilateral SI joint dysfunction

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4 days 10 hours ago #30012 by Mkd
Bilateral SI joint dysfunction was created by Mkd
I joined today and am in desperate need of some advice.

I am hoping to get in contact with anyone that has dealt with SI joint issues.
I have been dealing with this pain going on 2 years. The last year been the worst.
I am 33F from Sydney.
I have no other injuries to my back. I remember first feeling like I had hurt my back at the gym, as I was doing some F45 classes. I thought I had pulled my back out. Didn’t think much of it until the weeks turned into months, months into years.

I was properly diagnosed about 6 months ago, after my doctor sent me for a SPECT bone scan.
It says I have bilaterial si joint incompetence, worse on the right side.

I have been seeing a physio for the last few months, and have got absolutely nowhere. Do not feel any better at all.
My ortho decided that physio alone was not obviously helping so she did one round of PRP into my right joint, 7 weeks ago.

I understand prp causes inflammation and you can get a flare of pain for the first few week. As each week goes by I’ve been feeling worse and worse.
Since prp ive has an increase in pelvic/groin/hip pain.
I thought by 7 weeks the pain would have subsided or at the very least not made it worse!

I am beside myself. It hurts to stand for short periods it hurts to walk. I have to sit down to make dinner.
It has completely turned my life upside down.
I don’t socialise, I’ve had to start working from home when I can. It has deeply affected my mental wellbeing.

If anyone have any advice they could share with me, I would be so grateful to hear from anyone that has gone through this. Has anyone has any experience with prp?

I have changed physio and tomorrow is my first session with the new physio. Apparently she specialises in lumbar pelvic issues. Fingers crossed.

The thought of having to go through another year of living like this brings tears to my eyes. I am broken.

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