Shingles, I can’t take it

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Hey Brett,
You could try acetone ( nail polish remover) ,ice packs or try the listed below
For non-medicated relief from the nerve pain caused by shingles, patients can place an ice pack on the sores, which will momentarily stop the burning and itching. Scrubbing the sores hard with bar soap hurts at the time but may relieve the long-term pain and dry the blisters, allowing them to burst and the healing process to begin quickly. The most effective treatment is to keep the sores dry because, when the clusters of blisters dry up, they eventually go away.

For painless relief, patients may try putting nail polish remover on the blisters to cool and dry them. This will take longer, but they will often disappear with time. Calamine lotion can also be applied.


as long as I wake up alive I'm happy
Because it could be worse

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Replied by Brett3 on topic Shingles, I can’t take it
The symptoms have eased heaps. Though I have been left with a larger numb area on my back. The pain flares up if I attempt to do anything, I now know why my skin doc said to go home and do nothing. But it is ok.
Just another query.
Why do the radiology drs change the names of our conditions? They basically vary from each dr who writes the reports.
Since my last X-ray September, the report says my thoracic was phase 3 degeneration.
Some say it’s arthritis, just wear and tear.
Two weeks ago X-ray report says It is now moderate spondylosis and moderate osteophyte proliferation. The disc spaces are overall decreased especially lower levels there is osteosclerosis which could mean modic 3 degenerative changes. Says to consider MRI to rule out discitis.
Wish these imaging report doctors could all use the same lingo. Surely our spines can’t crumble away this quick. Harpy

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