Back pain, sciatica and neuropathy ... looking for some online support

7 months 3 weeks ago - 7 months 3 weeks ago #29521 by dth2m5
Great post.

I eat a lot of foods on this list for their anti-inflammatory foods:[Link removed by Moderator]

Lots of my sciatica was because of my poor posture, but I rigged something up to tell me when to stop slouching.

Lana, I can relate to you though. It's so annoying. When I go out with my friends to a restaurant, I have to be careful about what seat I sit in. I avoid chairs without a back like a kid and broccoli. If I have bad posture for 10 minutes, the pain flares up. I'm infinitely jealous of people that live without it, but I've been working with my physical therapist on a workout routine to strengthen my back to help correct my posture.

Hope that helps!
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