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Hi Fee and others,

Ugh I've been feeling so completely exhausted... I don't know what it is - only 2 weeks ago I was working full time (not particularly well but I managed to make it through each day). Now that I'm on holidays... Well let's take today as an example - have been away camping (always get the best sleeps out in the wild) the last couple of days. Today, packed up just a couple of things, hopped in the car, unpacked my clothes, had a shower and now im lying down again! I just can't move! It seems the more I 'take it easy' the tireder i get!!! Maybe it's cause I'm always thinking about how horrible I feel instead of being distracted by work! My legs are really aching that flu kind of ache (the one that the patches normally tske away) its not as intense as without the patches but my legs feel do heavy and doing anything is a chore! Anyway to answer your questions, I'm going to be taken off the norspan a couple of days into the ketamine. I'm scared about that and about the follow up - I need to make sure I have something in place in case ketamine doesn't help and I'm then not on any pain relievers either - ill be wriggling around on the plane back moaning and groaning!
I'll look into getting a jaw MRI sometime after the ketamine.oh yes and your doctor can ring up someone and get you repeat prescriptions of norspan so you don't have to go back every fortnight . I got 3 months worth in one go which was good.
Just mention it to your doc, he sounds like a good one!

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5 years 2 months ago #22922 by asiana88
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An interesting (?????) experience I had in a Pain Clinic many years ago - the psychologist told me ' the reason you have chronic pain is because your father beat you ' !!! Naturally I was totally gobsmacked & upset - my father ( or mother ) NEVER beat me - ever. I got the occasional smack on the bum or the back of the legs, hurt pride more than anything else.
I told the psychologist he was talking bulls***t, that I was never beaten & was then told that I was an ' uncooperative patient'.
I have since FLATLY refused to go back to a Pain Clinic - EVER !!!!!!

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5 years 2 months ago #22928 by jo.m
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What a shame you have had such a bad experience at the pain clinic you attended many years ago :(

Most of us I'm sure at some stage during our pain journey have had 'bad' experiences and they do affect our decisions in the future but I hope that you can get the help you need with a good team around you whether it be another 'pain clinic' or other professionals experienced in Chronic Pain.

Being judged and placed in a certain category is one of my pet hates and it looks like you experienced it first hand :(

Good luck with your journey and hope this forum and the experiences of others helps you with your future treatment plans.


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