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Hi Guzzler,

There are people on this site who are and or have been suffering CP for a lot longer than 15 years so let's leave (the black dog ) at the door please.
Your first question about costs involved with CP , talk with your GP I went to him as soon as workcover said I was fit for full duties .
We then started a programme of search for the pain killer and anti depressant fits or works it took me a few years to get the balance right but I have my ups and downs and we all do .
I did a pain management course at The Wesley Hospital the cost was $4,500 my private fund covered all but $450 so the cost is not cheap but it can be affordable .
I am still going through the surgery hoops so if you want any ideas on cost involved I can try to help .
There are a lot of people on the site and a lot if not most of us have had that feeling of bugger it I've had enough when that happens try venting mate it's a site here to shout out loud .

as long as I wake up alive I'm happy
Because it could be worse

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Hi Johnno,

Thanks for the input, i am afraid that my black dog is on a leash and walks with me were ever i go, have done five pain clinics only one was really worth while that was the first one, i will never work again was told that a long time ago due to the failed first surgery and what followed were other surgery's mainly to save my life, ruptured aorta etc spent six years with a doctor and a Pharmacist whom i might add was an amazing guy, who got me on pain killers which sort of helped but too many side effects as i am allergic to morphine and other substances, so i ended up on one particular pain killer and had to move interstate, as my wife had a baby which was born with downs syndrome and had to have heart surgery and constant rehab, we ended up moving then the dept of health and human services pharmaceutical branch hit me with you cannot use the pain killer you are using in this State and threatened me and labeled me as a drug addict. In the beginning they threatened me to go on the pain killers because i was being admitted to hospital about twice a month for acute sciatica and chronic pain attacks, they told me i had to take the pain relief and listen to my doctors i did what they asked. Now a different body in a different state have told me what i just explained get off the pain killer or else.
I have wrote to them and told them what the consequences will be that i will just end up back in hospital on the magic round about again, they never replied to my contacting them, so thanks for the offer of help on prices but i have done all my money on surgery's and rehab etc etc, my story could fill a book, i am not standing on a soapbox saying my predicament is worse than anyone else as some collapse at not getting grades for uni and others can cut their own arm off to get out of trouble we are all different and all take a different path, you will never see anyone who takes the same path as you, you can only tell them about the path you are on and the experiences you have had and help them in anyway possible.
I have sent letters to everyone bar the Queen some have listened and said that the way myself and my family have been treated by this dept is inhumane, and others haven't even replied, i am in the process of sending a complaint to the medical board as a pain specialist i have seen refuses to tell my doctor about a new pain killer that has come on to the market, after more than ten emails asking him to do so!!.
I could go on and on that's why i said if anyone wants the story to contact me as it is long and the way some Doctors , Pharmacists and pain specialist have treated me and my family is just unprofessional, the story has got some interest from the media ...and so it goes on.
The main thing i am doing this for is that no one has to go what myself and my family have been through and i am trying to change the protocol that has done this so no one else has to experience the same. I admit i was on a lot of pain killers but remember i was put on these by a doctor, i didn't want to go on them, i have now self weaned myself down to a low amount and the same pain and intensity from the past has returned in spades.
My Accident was in 1995, first surgery done in 1996 then subsequent surgery's after that.

Everyone deserves respect and pain relief no matter were you live.

Thanks again for your reply its appreciated.
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What I want to know, is if you pay to see a pain specialist privately, do you need premium heath insurance cover to be able to afford the treatment offered by them?
I saw a pain specialist this week and he suggested a Ketamine infusion however I can't afford the hospital stay for this and don't have private health insurance. He also suggested pain management clinic, but again, this would cost $6000. Does health insurance cover this?

Any info on people's story's would be appreciated. I'm new to this site.

I'm going to see my kids walk down the isle one day.

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