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3 years 10 months ago #26743 by SandraB
Hi everyone

I have had a hip replacement that has left me in pain and I have decided to give the St Vincents QPain Clinic Brisbane a go.

Has anyone been there and what was it like?

I'm hoping this is the beginning of the end of my pain journey and I would very much appreciate some advice


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3 years 10 months ago #26744 by Peter
Hi SandraB.

Welcome to the CPA Forum!

There may be some here who have. I live in the West, so I wouldn't know. I can tell you though that if the pain clinic is a 'multidisciplinary' pain clinic, then you should do well. In other words, they should have Pain Specialist, Clinical Psych & Physios' all trained in how to deal with ongoing chronic pain. These people are usually very good.

We have had some people have bad experiences with some pain clinics, which seems to be because of a couple of reasons.

1. That particular pain clinic wants to remove all your pain medication and replace it with exercises and psych/emotion therapies such as meditation etc, and with many people this approach simply does not work. It does for many though.

2. The other main problem lies with the sufferer themselves. They go into the clinic expecting a cure and are angry and bitterly disappointed when they come out the other side still in pain. So they lose the essence of the clinic and why they were there.

These pain clinics are there to teach you to 'self manage' your pain condition. They really aren't there for anything else. So the best advice I can give you, is to go into the clinic with the attitude that you are going to do all they ask of you, especially try any exercises that they tailor to you and your disability. Exercise is the NUMBER ONE therapy and medicine for CP sufferers. And it matters not how much you can move, as long as you do some and do it regularly. It also helps to keep the Black Dog on the lead, so you don't get depressed. Depression follows every single one of us and it can be a daily battle for some. Exercise is one of the best medicines for that.

The drug issue is one that is being pushed by the govt. Don't allow any clinician to remove effective medication without first giving you something to replace it with, but more so, to prepare you for it over a period of time, so that you can mitigate any reactive side effects from simply pulling the plug on the drug.
So just talk to them and ask all the right questions.

To ask all the right questions, means you have to first educate yourself and coming here to talk to us and to read the material on our forum and website, is a really good start.

Actually, if you want to speak to someone and ask that question, why not give the Aust Pain Society a call. They might be able to answer your questions better than us: www.apsoc.org.au/

Please keep us informed as to how you get on.


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3 years 10 months ago #26746 by jo.m
Hi SandraB,

I have been to QPain and I am waiting for a trial spinal nerve stimulator. I haven't really had much experience with them so far so hard to give an opinion yet sorry!!!

Peter makes some great points so take on board what he is saying.

We have a coffee club group (Brisbane/Gold Coast) who meet up and due to meet up on 15th November. Look up coffee club thread or message me and I can give you further details as it's really good to chat with like minded people and get some opinions and support face to face.

Keep in touch


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3 years 10 months ago #26748 by Wendles
Replied by Wendles on topic Opinions on St Vincents QPain Clinic Brisbane
Hi SandraB
I did a pain clinic at St Vincent's which was a multi disciplinary clinic which was a life changer for me. It helped me find ways to manage my pain so I could start living my life again. They didnt change my medicines but worked on physio, psychology, ways to better do things (OT), diet, and lectures to understand what my body was doing and so much more. I have since been back for a refresher clinics. The staff are lovely and the hospital is well maintained. I would recommend it and would go again.
I hope they can help you. They do alot of work with hip and knee replacements that need rehab or further treatment after surgery.
I am happy to answer any questions

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3 years 10 months ago #26754 by Johnno
Good call girls ,
St Vincent's as you say do a lot of hip and knees would be beneficial to a pain sufferer I am redoing the pain course I did at the Wesley 3 years ago difference being is new staff but they are great ?
Must go been hard at it studying etc went to sleep in a psychologists mood music thingy I don't really know what it was as I had the eyes ? slamming shut and then waking up and asking silly questions nothing to do with what she was talking about then it was lay down on the exercise mats WELL. I was gone, had a lovely ? nap was woken up by the psych and she think I would benefit from a sleep study as my arms are moving about above me and I am talking to people .
Still it was a good sleep

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Because it could be worse

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