Palexia SR (Tapentadol)

3 months 1 week ago #29211 by Wylderose
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hi all I have just joined this site and have been reading how Palexia is effecting people. i have taken my first dose this morning and thinking now I should have waited til tonite. I have chronic pain from my feet to my neck. the thing is I try not to take any medications. I am trying to control my pain with natural herbs and such. i have a very high pain tolerance but sometimes the pain is just too big and have to take pain relief. I have been using tramadolSR 100 and regular 50 for several years but have been having headaches after it wears off. My GP suggested trying Palexia to see how I go. will let you all know how it affects me...
cheers Wylderose

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2 months 1 week ago #29272 by dianepenelope
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I have grade 4 osteo arthritis in both knees as well as psoriatic arthritis system wide. Before my psoriatic arthritis was diagnosed I went to my then GP for pain relief and she put me on a strong dose of Palexia XR 200mg x 2 times a day. I trusted that this was the correct medication as I was in a lot of pain. I was overweight for my height, and needed a stick to walk. I believe this drug is not the solution for chronic pain management. I suffered dreadful withdrawals after 12 hours, aching limbs, return of pain, flu like symptoms and just general malaise. I made mistakes at work and had to quit my job. After 1 year on this medication I changed GP's and he was shocked with the does and we have been working together to wean me off the medication. Currently I am down to 50mg x 2 times a day, but I still get withdrawals. It has been hell coming off this drug. I would rather be in pain that feel the way I do coming off this drug. The return of my pain is welcome because I can moderate my activity, I know what is happening in my body so I can fix the root cause. I am getting a knee replacement, I am on new medication for the PSA because the injections of enbrel were making me really sick all the time. I'm trying to cut out my night time does of Palexia XR 50mg, and just have it in the day then cut out that dose and be free of it.
Think long and hard before a sustained release opiod, they get you very dependant very quickly.

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2 months 1 week ago #29274 by illeatyu
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Hi Dianepenelope,

With all due respect the problem was your doctor, and even if you changed meds if you had stayed with your old Doc it would have been the same. If your new doc had started you on say Targin at 80/40mg twice a day the side effects would have been horrific, because your body and you need time to get used to the chemical changes these drugs make in your brain, and to your body.

The normal starting dose of Palexia is around 50mg, then as your body gets used to it you move up to match the pain, I have been on this since it came out as I only tolerate Oxy so this gives me an alternative at lower levels.

The reason for the withdrawals unfortunately was also due to your Doc, you were probably overmedicated for your pain levels, and no I'm not saying your not in pain just that you maybe needed a lower dose, its why most experienced Doc's start low and work up, that way they can stop as soon as you get enough relief.

Most Doctors don't have experience with Chronic pain, they see us all as addicts and either refuse to prescribe or in your case give out too much, it would be Awesome if someone came out with a Mandatory module for new Doctors in how to deal with and treat Chronic pain.

It took me three to find one who would listen and do the homework, so if you have a good one now hold onto him or her, just remember All pain meds even Panadeine Forte are addictive in the wrong doses and they all have nasty side effects, it may take you a few changes to find the one that works for you, for me it's Targin and Palexia can't take the rest, others swear by Tramadol, just be patient and do it slowly.



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