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hi all I have just joined this site and have been reading how Palexia is effecting people. i have taken my first dose this morning and thinking now I should have waited til tonite. I have chronic pain from my feet to my neck. the thing is I try not to take any medications. I am trying to control my pain with natural herbs and such. i have a very high pain tolerance but sometimes the pain is just too big and have to take pain relief. I have been using tramadolSR 100 and regular 50 for several years but have been having headaches after it wears off. My GP suggested trying Palexia to see how I go. will let you all know how it affects me...
cheers Wylderose

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5 months 1 week ago #29272 by dianepenelope
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I have grade 4 osteo arthritis in both knees as well as psoriatic arthritis system wide. Before my psoriatic arthritis was diagnosed I went to my then GP for pain relief and she put me on a strong dose of Palexia XR 200mg x 2 times a day. I trusted that this was the correct medication as I was in a lot of pain. I was overweight for my height, and needed a stick to walk. I believe this drug is not the solution for chronic pain management. I suffered dreadful withdrawals after 12 hours, aching limbs, return of pain, flu like symptoms and just general malaise. I made mistakes at work and had to quit my job. After 1 year on this medication I changed GP's and he was shocked with the does and we have been working together to wean me off the medication. Currently I am down to 50mg x 2 times a day, but I still get withdrawals. It has been hell coming off this drug. I would rather be in pain that feel the way I do coming off this drug. The return of my pain is welcome because I can moderate my activity, I know what is happening in my body so I can fix the root cause. I am getting a knee replacement, I am on new medication for the PSA because the injections of enbrel were making me really sick all the time. I'm trying to cut out my night time does of Palexia XR 50mg, and just have it in the day then cut out that dose and be free of it.
Think long and hard before a sustained release opiod, they get you very dependant very quickly.

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5 months 1 week ago #29274 by illeatyu
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Hi Dianepenelope,

With all due respect the problem was your doctor, and even if you changed meds if you had stayed with your old Doc it would have been the same. If your new doc had started you on say Targin at 80/40mg twice a day the side effects would have been horrific, because your body and you need time to get used to the chemical changes these drugs make in your brain, and to your body.

The normal starting dose of Palexia is around 50mg, then as your body gets used to it you move up to match the pain, I have been on this since it came out as I only tolerate Oxy so this gives me an alternative at lower levels.

The reason for the withdrawals unfortunately was also due to your Doc, you were probably overmedicated for your pain levels, and no I'm not saying your not in pain just that you maybe needed a lower dose, its why most experienced Doc's start low and work up, that way they can stop as soon as you get enough relief.

Most Doctors don't have experience with Chronic pain, they see us all as addicts and either refuse to prescribe or in your case give out too much, it would be Awesome if someone came out with a Mandatory module for new Doctors in how to deal with and treat Chronic pain.

It took me three to find one who would listen and do the homework, so if you have a good one now hold onto him or her, just remember All pain meds even Panadeine Forte are addictive in the wrong doses and they all have nasty side effects, it may take you a few changes to find the one that works for you, for me it's Targin and Palexia can't take the rest, others swear by Tramadol, just be patient and do it slowly.



“All the elements in your body were forged many, many millions of years ago, in the heart of a far away star that exploded and died. That explosion scattered those elements across the desolations of deep space. And came together to form you, you are unique in the universe.

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1 month 3 weeks ago #29615 by Chris L
Replied by Chris L on topic Palexia SR (Tapentadol)
Hey everyone.
I haven't been on here for a while but just needed to vent a bit with the frustration of it all.

A brief history, I was in an MVA in 1995, which left me with back(T9,10) and neck C4,5,6) issues. I had also had an industrial fall, a little before this MVA breaking my coccyx and damaging lumbar vertebrae L4,5 and partially 6 / sacrum). Surgery was an option, but as the failure rate was high at the time and pain management was small, (2 people I knew ended up as paraplegic after the same procedure I was offered...) They now do fusion and stabalisation differently, but would need a total reassessmsnt now- and still not keen.

After many years of various drugs, therapies etc, a blend of medications, everything seemed fine and stable.

3 years ago, I was put on 100 mg Palexia SR x 2 daily, eventually up to 200 mg along with Targin (which reduced the need for breakthrough Endone (mostly) but remaining quite active and coherent ( always a bonus)

End of last year, a new Pain Specialist decided my dosage was too high and wants it down to 50mg Palexia and the Targin only for breakthrough...!!! ( he obviously isn't in pain!)
My GP actually disagrees with him, but despite this, we are following the advised procedure - slowly, (2.5 months and 4 since the pain specialist) and I am now down to the 50mg dose, the 2 x daily Targin (5 / 2.5) and severe withdrawals.

I just needed to vent a little, my pain is NOT managed. Apparently, the pain specialist says its all in my head...

I was doing 10,000 steps a day, keeping active, sometimes now I battle to do 2500 after pushing myself, resting when I need to etc. although I have Endone available, I am trying not to touch it as it will probably affect the long term gains.

Midweek of week 2 ( of the final reduction process) and although the withdrawals are better, I'm in substantially more pain, still with the ongoing side effects of reducing the meds. At least the nightly anxiety, the tremors, hot and cold sweats are gone, now just the bathroom issues, headaches and insomnia... Seeing my GP next week, ( every 2 weeks during this decline in dosage)

4-month wait to book in for the pain specialist and as I don't have private cover, it is expensive ( particularly without an income) Nice of him to say, come back if you have a problem...:whistle: :angry:

The Targin HAS to stay, I don't think I could function, only trying to use it as a breakthrough.!

I was gradually decreasing by myself ( under GP supervision) and spent all of last year on 100mg (with the 5/2.5 Targin down from 10/5) and stable, (with light pain all the time, but manageable) BUT ... Nnnoooooo ....that was still way too high...

Now, every time I roll over in my sleep, I wake to the pain, then TRY and go back to sleep. I have a headache each morning, that decreases slightly during the day... but apparently, that isn't from the withdrawals... so im told...

Thanks for letting me vent! Generally, it has been good and stable, amongst the least side effects and never really wanted a bigger dose, but coming down... AAHHHHhhh
I understand its a process, but it's still not easy and with no real prospect of any pain management (Pain Specialist "have you tried yoga and meditation?" "yes I have, no success..". "well your doing it wrong!":angry:

Life is what you make it.... Win or Lose.. Winning is better :-)

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2 weeks 4 days ago #29764 by pauldcosta
Replied by pauldcosta on topic Palexia SR (Tapentadol)
Hello Everyone

I was diagnosed with a 'Rotator Cuff Tear' in May 2018.
The surgeon whom I initially consulted advised me that I will need to undergo arthroscopy.
I took a second opinion from another Orthopaedic Surgeon who advised me that I should consider Physio for six months.
I persisted with the physio and sad to say, there has been a negligible improvement to my condition.
I attended a follow-up clinic with the surgeon who originally diagnosed my condition and he told me that I will absolutely need to undergo the procedure.

So, from May 2018 to date, I have been on pain relief medication.
I am currently on Panadeine Fort - 500/30 and need 4 pills in one go. This helps with the pain in my shoulder and helps me get through my working day.
Thought I do a desk job the strain of the injury still hurts.
Furthermore, when I saw the surgeon last week, he prescribed Palexia - SR and Panadeine Forte.
I've started the Palexia and yesterday was my first day with 50mg dose as a starter.
Today, I tried 100 mg of the same.
Must say that I didn't particularly feel charged up, unlike Panadiene Forte. I felt rather sluggish and drowsy through the day with bursts of energy at regular intervals.
I don't know if this is too early to determine the efficacy of Palexia-SR. I shall continue until the end of the week and will see what happens.
As I have been on Panadeine Forte for the last year, I think I have become accustomed to the medication and it is well tolerated.
As regards my pain, I think I would lean more toward the paracetamol/codeine phosphate/codeine hemihydrate combination. That said, I think the Palexia-SR will take a few days to kick in.
I don't feel enthused and as energetic after the Palexia-SR.

The uptake of Palexia is different from that of Panadeine Forte. Surprisingly the recommended way of taking Palexia is via injection, as this metabolizes the drug at a slower pace. Contrary to popular belief, Palexia-SR, when taken orally, is absorbed and metabolized in a much quicker rate than by way of injection. One should also note that Palexia-SR and a Combination of Codeine and Paracetamol act differently receptor wise. I may be wrong - therefore, please do correct me.

Please, would someone share their experience that may be similar to mine?
Would be much apprecitaed.

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