Norspan - side effects - Depression and Anxiety?

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Dear Hannah,
I feel for you and know exactly what you are going through. I have had chronic pain for years now and have been prescribed Norspan 10mcg in 08/2016 after seeing the Chronic Pain clinic at the RBWH (Brisbane).
Initially I felt great, pain under controland happy, almost euphoric. I got a $5000 loan of a friend and bought a used Espresso Coffee machine as I thought I could continue my self employment which I stopped as a sign writer due to pain. After 2-3 months everything started to go pear-shaped. I started to get really depressed and anxious. Even a trip to the shops became a real effort for me.
I discussed this with my GP and mentioned that I think it may be a side effect to Norspan. He didn't think so and prescribed me Mirtazapine to take at night for sleeping and anti depression.
Sleeping was somewhat better but still no good, so he prescribed me some Alepam (similar to diazepam but weaker). I was sleeping well then but was concerned about needing valium now to sleep as I am a very conservative about taking ANY medication, having been a paramedic many years ago and seen some bad cases of medication addiction.
In Nov. 2017 I had my yearly check-up at the Pain clinic again and mentioned my depression and my concerns about Norspan side-effects. The specialist who saw me was in a rush and didn't agree with my concerns. He scheduled me in to see a psychiatrist.
3 days later on 27/11/2017 I attempted suicide by cutting my pulse on the left wrist. As paramedic I knew what to do but only made a very small cut to 'go slowly'. After 4 hours there was about 2 - 2.5 liters of blood in the bucket and cold sweat on my forehead. I knew I had about 15-20 minutes left before I would fall unconscious. By then I changed my min d and called for help.
I was admitted to hospital and spent 3 weeks in the psych ward. All the doctors I saw there also dismissed my concerns about Norspan side-effects. Released in 12/2017 I struggled all through 2018 with depression until October, when a friend send me another friend who is a clinical psychologist. He visited me and suggested to see a specialist psychiatrist who treats depression related to chronic pain.
In October 2018, after 2 years and 3 months of agony, this specialist took me off Norspan and prescribed Palexia slow release tablets. Since this day my depression has disappeared completely !!!
Although Palexia is also an opiod they do not cause me ANY side-effects, my pain is very well controlled and I do not even need the occasional Endone 5mg that I needed on top of Norspan about 3 days a week.
Talk to your Doctor and show him this reply. I am happy to be contacted by phone also, AL.
Today I went to hospital to visit a senior friend of mine and on my way home I ran into one of the Doctors from the psych ward at the bus stop. he still recognized me (I'm 6'6" and people always remember me ;) )
I told him all I have just written here and he was very thankful for me telling him as he wasn't aware of Norspan causing depression, although DEPRESSION IS LISTED AS A POSSIBLE SIDE_EFFECT TO NORSPAN !!!
Thank you for reading and ALL THE BEST
AL Panico,
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Hi Al,

You may not realize but this is an open forum so anyone can look on the site so keeping names (Doctors especially) and phone no’s, only on private message is a must otherwise you will those telemarketers calling you at all times of the day or night.
Whilst I have you did you want to come to our coffee meet ups t the Hyperdome Loganholme next one is at 11am on the 20th April


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