Welcome to Chronic Pain Australia

Chronic Pain Australia is the national grass roots voice of Australians living with chronic pain. We do this by providing high-quality, user-friendly, research-based information and support that puts people living with chronic pain at the centre of attention. Chronic Pain Australia also works towards de-stigmatising chronic pain. De-stigmatising chronic pain saves lives.

We are dedicated to working with likeminded organisations, policy makers and politicians to ensure the voices of people living with chronic pain are heard and included when related health policy is made. Our operating ethos is nothing about us – without us.

Love Someone In Pain

01. Do you love someone in pain

Your needs are important too. Your health and wellbeing may be at risk.

02. Participate in Research

We are happy to support research that contributes to a greater understanding of the experience of living with chronic pain.
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03. Support Us

You can support us in our cause by becoming a member or by donating.