Exercise Right Week: Empowering Chronic Pain Management, Advocacy and Action with Accredited Exercise Physiologist Jessica Ebbersten

In celebration of Exercise Right Week, we are delighted to highlight the critical role that Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) play in managing chronic pain. To bring this to life, we interviewed Jessica Ebbersten, an ESSA accredited exercise physiologist who not only excels in her professional role but also lives with chronic pain herself. Jessica shares […]

The latest research on novel treatments for chronic pain with Professor Maree Smith

While few new pain medicines have been developed in the past 30 years, promising novel treatments are currently in the works. We had the pleasure of chatting with Professor Maree Smith, a researcher at the University of Queensland who is involved in basic pain research and novel analgesic (painkiller) discovery. She shared with us about […]

Managing pain through diet for Dietitians Week

Did you know that dieticians can help improve the lives of people with chronic pain? The 20-26th of March is Dieticians Week and we’re lucky to have Dr Katherine Brain (PhD), a passionate and knowledgeable accredited practising dietician, on our Chronic Australia Board to talk about an often undervalued aspect of pain management. Contrary to popular […]

Endometriosis Australia co-founder joins the Board at Chronic Pain Australia

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, the perfect opportunity to publicly welcome Donna Ciccia to the Chronic Australia Board and introduce her to our members. She recently sat down with us to share her story of founding and growing Endometriosis Australia and provide her insight on the challenges people with endometriosis face today. We are thrilled […]

Chronic Pain Australia Founder Named in Australia Day Honours List

Many of our members would recognise Dr Coralie Wales as the passionate pain advocate that founded Chronic Pain Australia back in 2006, while others may know of her work managing major projects and programs in healthcare that put health consumers and community at the forefront. Yesterday however  Dr Wales’s was introduced to Australia as one […]

Resources to keep your mental health in check this silly season

to keep your mental health in check this silly season

The “silly season” can be a time of joy and time spent with loved ones. But for many, especially those that live with Chronic Pain, it can also be a tough time for your mental health. The constant rush, anxiety and feelings of expectation that come with this time of year can take a toll […]