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Restless Legs Syndrome

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7 years 9 months ago #12990 by eagles19
Restless Legs Syndrome was created by eagles19
Hi to fellow sufferers of RLS. Hope everyone that has contacted me in the past are doing well. I ran over my computer with a hire car after just landing in Perth to visit family, and cannot find the discussions i have had with some lovely people. One big topic along with CP was and probably still is, is RLS. It had got to the stage up till three weeks ago, that i was having massive attacks up to three times during the night and mornings, through both arms and both legs. I was losing half a day because i was so tired, my quality of life was becoming an issue. The only thing that i had going for me was my fitness, but i was very sore when i did get out of bed. My doctor had me taking magnesium, which was not helping. A good friend of mine who is into natural products for healing told me there is magnesium and THERE IS magnesium ! After some searching i found a product Muscleze by BioCeuticals, and i know this company as i have bought some of their products like Co-Enzyme Q10 in the past. Muscleze is a powder, suggested dose is one level teaspoon with 200ml water or juice twice daily. ( it actually tastes fine, for a change ) It took six days before getting a result, now i'm starting week three without an attack. I wanted to trial this for a while, as some things only work for a short time followed by disappointment ! Its not cheap, i think i paid $34 for 150g, but its a months supply, so it works out quite reasonably inexpensive, and is Australian made. My pharmacy carries the BioCeuticals brand, it isn't on display with all the well known brands, because it is a quality product. Now i can go to bed without the fear of doing thousands of laps around my unit every night, and i so hope you guys have the same result. I do buy mum some products from Pharmacy online, so if your chemist hasn't this product, it should be available on the internet.
While i think of it, CP is very draining, it sucks the energy out of us, has anyone used or is using Co-Enzyme Q10 ? I have been taking it for years, it is a natural enzyme that we produce, and it decreases as we age. It is very good for the heart, it gives you more energy, and for fitness freaks like me, it speeds up recovery after two hours of intense training a the gym. More energy equals more strength mentally and physically to overcome our injuries.
Just in case, i have nothing what so ever invested in the company mentioned, except for the benefits their products give me. I live, no just exist on a disability pension, and no thanks to our system that is happy to give us concessions for toxic chemicals to maybe help us with our problems, but going outside that medical area and seeing someone who actually helps and give back our lives, without any chemicals, we have to find that money ourselves. I cannot have private health insurance even if i could afford it, because i have pre existing injuries, so put that argument away mr local member of parliament, so could we have a concession on a natural chemical free product which actually works, with no side effects ? No, of course not, it is outside an outdated medical system.
I'm positive i'm not on my own when it comes to finding the money to get help outside " The System " I spent countless miserable boring soul sucking hours as an out patient at a couple of hospitals, and now if something crops up that needs someone other than my doctor to help me, i can see a neurologist for my RLS, with out of pocket expenses of over $200, or sit at a clinic at hospital getting shoved from one doctor to another over days until they find someone with knowledge of RLS.
I hope i'm not bending the rules here with what i have to say, as it is a problem for a lot of people, yet nothing seems to change, yet there is change out there, it found me, and now i am getting my life back after 26 years, and i want other people to get their lives back also, surely that is not too much to ask, to hope for.
Peace and Harmony

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7 years 9 months ago - 7 years 9 months ago #12992 by Mary
Replied by Mary on topic Restless Legs Syndrome
Hi Ian,

During a software upgrade about a week ago, we lost all our posts. That is why you can't find your previous conversations. We are hoping to have things restored sometime in this coming week. Like the rest of us, our IT person is a volunteer and she will be working on our problems during the week.

It is so great that you have found something for your RLS! I have had RLS all my life as did my mother and grandmother. It is funny though because I have it in cycles. I can get it every night for 3 weeks and then not have it at all for 3 months. A real mystery. Then again, I am a medical mystery anyway - that's what they tell me anyway. LOL


Not every day is a good day, but there is good in every day.

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Last edit: 7 years 9 months ago by Mary.

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7 years 9 months ago #13024 by BIY
Replied by BIY on topic Restless Legs Syndrome
Hi Ian,

Good to see you back...but sorry you have just gone through that with RLS.

So glad you could find the answer with muscle-eze. I was on that for years for my neck, but then changed to Mag 300 which the naturopath said is stronger than muscle-eze, but it had no effect on my RLS even when I took it morning and night.

Ahhh....the mysteries of CP eh....what works for one doesn't for another. But I am rapt for you that it is helping you as you were doing so well. How's the medical article going?

:) Fee

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