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cartoon You Tube video about chronic pain

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8 years 7 months ago - 8 years 7 months ago #4987 by Cristina
I am angry and dismayed at the informationless you tube posting for the general public on your website. My intelligence is insulted. Give me some useful information and the latest empirical findings about the use of a variety of pain management techniques or therapies and some info about the things you purport to be facts. i.e all pain stems from the brain. DERRRRR!!!!! How about info about the types of Central nervous system pain receptors and what things work best for each cell sub-type. You make chronic pain sound like it is ALL psychosomatic and that my pain should be dealt with largely from this tack. I have had cancer pain that no amount of 'stress reduction' would help.

Direct us to the latest US, Australian and European pain management conference reports or at least to the the latest Australian pain managment guidelines. the You Tube looks like some nepotism is going on. Which director has a relative or girl/boyfriend who is a cartoonist????? Sorry that last bit was a bit cheeky but really- don't waste my time!
Sincerely, Cristina
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8 years 7 months ago #5272 by coralie
Replied by coralie on topic cartoon You Tube video about chronic pain
Hi Cristina,

Very sorry that the UTube has upset you. There is no nepotism going on, mostly what happens in our world is done by volunteers. Actually all experience comes from the brain although we experience our bodies via the homoncular pattern in the brain. The post is not meant to be offensive by any means, and the feedback from people who have never had a good explanation for the CNS fundamentals of pain has been really good. For the record the video was not made by us, it is free to all who want to display it. Happy to talk more about how pain works, and we do have links to other sites around the world where there is good info about pain. We are really happy to post links that you might be aware of though if you want to send them through.


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8 years 7 months ago #5274 by Collins
Replied by Collins on topic cartoon You Tube video about chronic pain
Hi Cristina

An old G.P. said that to me " all pain comes from the brain and so its all in your head" (Derr - as you said) - really relate to that - guess what happended anyway- I said to him "how is that going to help me - suppose I get a hammer and smash your wrist and tell you that its nothing and its all in your head" - he went silent and I walked out wondering why I wasted my time - new G.P. next day!

There is actually lots of info here at the site - I only just looked around this morning in areas I had not seen and for example found lists of Tier 1 and Tier 2 pain management teams. I am sure that this site is helpful but remember you can always request specific information by posting eg. anyone have pain receptors and what woks best for sub cell types.

There is no one site that has it all and does not have extra stuff not worth seeing, but I personally think this is a good site worth looking around further, give it a chance - ask the questions by posting if you cannot find what you want - you never know - you may be surprised.

Try wikipedia as well - I typed "pain" and learnt some great things there as well today that I didnt expect. I am sure wikipedia would also be a good source for some of your questions - this is a forum and is designed to be helpful if other sites cannot help by posting such a request for information or if your having difficulty.

Enjoyed your post - I related to the DERR!
It reminded me of the hammer and the look on the Doctors face - lol


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4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #26476 by june45
Replied by june45 on topic cartoon You Tube video about chronic pain
Firstly I will say I am a new member to the forum and enjoying the information & forum.
This little animation could be seen as educational and maybe it's better than nothing. But maybe not. I really have to agree with some comments on this thread. I think it misses the breif to explain even basic CNS responses and mind body feedback loop. I can also see how it could add to misunderstanding/ stigma at times of pain along the lines of yes, it is all in your head and CP sufferers are just hypochondriacs. This is also how I took it on board in my first viewing. Thats just me.

This animation is now a personal dislike of mine now as I have a silly story of being shown this in a physchologists office I had taken myself to for general well being. I nodded along as it re enforced my idea the pain I had was all in my head. It helped me be in denial at that time of very real things that were happening to my body and needed urgent medical care. Thankfully two days later I was scheduled and saw my wise GP who told me bluntly it was not in my head and then bossily got me the help urgently required for what the unusual pain was trying to show me. It had definitely led me down the wrong understanding then and fed the idea of get used to it and toughen up.

As the first poster suggests, as an education too it it does not assume intelligence or engender compassion for CP suffered hence the DERrr response. Maybe it needs episode two: Pain, we didn't mean it's not just in your head -CNS amplification and tricks to bring it down with your brain. Or :how to politely move on from less educated health professionals that say 'it's all in your head'.

It's understandable why this is still linked on the site and I am not going to start knocking any free
resource here on a volunteer online group. Good on chronic pain australia for the volunteer work you do & Thanks.

Are there some CP artists or friends of CP suffered out there to make a better little cartoon and get it out there to public health too? It is keeps popping up over the years. Most recently for at the end of a ridiculously long 5 hour ( rather backward) pain workshop. This has given me another reason to dislike the cartoon - it signalled the end of a woefully uneducational day and 5 hours of discomfort.
Sorry to whoever created it, but my feedback is I really hope it is superceded or forgotten and stops making the rounds soon.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
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