Chronic lower back pain after a work accident

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1 year 6 months ago #29795 by Dutchy
Hi everyone, I'm completely new to forums or even sharing my pain with hardly anyone.
15 months ago on a job site, we were tasked with installing furniture on a recently renovated house.
Four of us lugged in a large cabinet weighing somewhere between 80-100kg, we got it on the floor and as i was clearing room next to it for another one, it toppled over and crushed me under it, I saw the cabinet just as it was about to hit my head.
I lost consciousness and next thing i know I'm laying flat on my face with a few workmates around me, the bang was apparently so loud a mate heard it from 50m away.
My head was killing me, and my whole back was aching and felt like it was on fire.
Big boss told the boys to drive me to the doctors halfway across town closest to the main work factory, doctors called an ambulance, got to the hospital and after finding i didn't have any fractures or internal bleeding I was sent home if I could walk.
2 weeks later I was signed off by a doctor saying I was fit for full time work, even after explaining how much pain i was still in.
6 months after another doctor ordered an MRI of the lumber/sacral region after I was getting sharp pains down my leg and an immense stabing aching pain in my right glute, the results showed disc desiccation, foraminal stenonsis and a bulging disc on the l4/l5 both on the right.

Since the accident I've been seeing a physio 2-3 times a week with little to no progress, but about 3 months ago after another little work stint it has just constantly been aggrivated, slowly getting better if i take 5 days of rest. Walking is becoming a stupidly hard thing to do and i randomly feel that my right knee is just going to give out on me.

I'm seeing an orthopaedic surgeon in two weeks time, and I'm horrified at what is going to need to be done, I feel like my hands on life is over, My mental health in diminishing.
But do you know what the worst feeling is, My boss thinks it is all because of a minor car incident i had 2 months after the initial accident (i drove up a kerb a ruined my rim), even though he knows how much pain i was in. Oh and he made a very good effort telling Workcover and my doctors about such a "serious" car accident i was in, even though I have plenty of witnesses that actually saw what happened.

Has anyone had to deal with back and leg pain like this while trying to work a full time hands on job?
Had to deal with such a demeaning boss while on Workcover? Do you think the MRI results is a direct result from sustaining an 80kg blow to the top left of my head while squating?

I know it's a long read, but I really thank you if you have.


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1 year 6 months ago #29804 by arjay
Hi Dutchy.

Im sorry you are going through what must be a difficult time,both with the pain you are suffering and the poor attitude of your employer.

Have you sought help from legal aid about your position regarding the events that have happened.

Leaving yourself at the hands of your employer and workcover may not be the best option in any future claims you may have for redress.

Keep a detailed diary of any events and discussions relating to this issue and any support or discussions with people who were there at the time,and any medical personnel.

Ive witnessed so many bad outcomes for people in these situations who rely on others doing the right thing.

The fact that the hospital initially didnt find any evidence of damage seems a bit odd seeing six months later an MRI showed a number of issues causing you distress and now having to see an orthopedic surgeon.

Its no wonder your physical and mental health is diminishing.

An employer will often do his best to avoid being held responsible and Workcover is notorius for trying to limit its responsibilities.

If you already havent received legal advice please consider it asap

As to the MRI scan being related to your fall the surgeon should be able to advise on that.

Any support you have from friends etc can help you through this.

Try and stay positive and keep us informed of your progress

Warm regards Arjay

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1 year 3 months ago #30002 by Rockyjohnson
Replied by Rockyjohnson on topic Chronic lower back pain after a work accident
Hi Dutchy,

I'm sorry for what you've been through. I know lower back pain is really bothering our daily activities and it will affect the pain that we felt in our hips and knees especially if when we sitting too long.

In my personal opinion, MRI will be good to get the information but somehow the radiation from MRI have a bad impact for our body in long-term such as cancer.

From my experience going with I had a similar problem that caused my lower back hurting every day. It's really bothering especially I have to sit in the office for hours and later I found that in my backbone cause by S1/L5 discs had degenerated which added to the aggravation when sitting static for long periods.

A physiotherapist told me the key is movement because our body is not designed for prolonged sitting. here is a video from a physiotherapist explaining what happen to our spine when we sit for too long and what our spine needs.

Best Regards

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