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3 years 2 days ago #28714 by Peter
Replied by Peter on topic Venting

myalgic1 wrote: I've been stewing over this for over a week now and I'm still furious at the under handed fashion in which my chemist tried to get my medical information out of me. I remembered Peter tellinng me that I didn't have to give my medical info to anyone who wasn't a clinician, so when the chemist had a go, I stuck to my guns and told him I didn't need his inteference. Here's a link to MedsCheck...see what you think. Bear in mind that pharmacists will collect over thirteen hundred dollars per month, per patient, for intefering in patients' health care. In my opinion, it is simply another level of scrutiny and monitoring to be heaped on chronic pain patients.


I feel for you Myalgic. This is not a good program. I'm waiting to see if my pharmacist is going to go down this road. If they do I'll be politely declining and refusing to answer any of their questions. They are not my clinician and they have no training in this area. This is in my opinion a dangerous practice, because mistakes will be made and chronic pain sufferers could suffer.

If you are under the care and control of a GP and specialist, then I see no reason why pharmacists should ever speak to you about anything other than to make sure your medication doesn't clash with anything else you are taking or to speak with you about the weather.

Chronic Pain Australia has not made its position on this yet. We do have concerns, but are looking more into this to see exactly where it is going to lead.


I wish the ring (this Chronic Pain) had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. (Frodo Baggins)
So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to us. (Gandalf the Grey)
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3 years 2 days ago #28715 by EBWest
Replied by EBWest on topic Venting
Thanks for the reply, Peter. It's reassuring to know that I'm not alone in believing this latest scheme has bad implications for chronic pain people. I've spent the bulk of the day trying to get answers from QLD Health, but predictably, I've been given the run around. QLD Health advised me to call the Health Ombudsman. The Health Ombudsman has declared that its hands are tied and cannot offer advice, unless a complaint is being made and suggested I contact 13HEALTH. I contacted 13HEALTH and was told that they were unaware of MedsCheck, initially. Upon supplying them the link, they informed that they did know about it, but again couldn't tell me whether I had the right to opt out of the service. 13HEALTH then suggested that I contact two other government entities within QLD Health, which are responsible for overseeing drugs of dependence, but which may not release information to the public.

Since this scheme offers cash incentives to pharmacists to get patients signed up and monitored over a lengthy time period, I have grave fears that the scheme will be manipulated by pharamacists who are keen to make some extra dosh on the side and that said pharmacists will view the actual health of the patient as a secondary concern. We all know that money talks and we all know that chronic pain people already suffer from the over zealousness of uneducated health officials.

I've stopped researching it for today but rest assured, I will find out as much as I can and provide links to further information, if there are any. I really feel that this new imposition on the freedom of chronic pain patients is going to do real harm. Let chemsits be chemists and make things easier for doctors to care for their patients, instead of installing extra barriers to responsible care.
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2 years 11 months ago #28739 by Brett3
Replied by Brett3 on topic Venting
Ok I am going vent, I have bloody had it, as soon as you set one flare off back to a “normal” pain level and can dress your self again. BAM another flare in a different area, I have kept my lumbar spine ‘steady’ to a liveable level . But the pain is 9 1/2 , basically in tears all day, the sciatica in both legs is horrendous and I have had to use crutches most of the week. Last time it was this bad I was having injections when needed. Can’t get into gp till next Tuesday. The throbbing is so cruel. I am at my daughters tonight so I am having a long stinking HOT BATH with Epsom salts.

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2 years 11 months ago #28743 by illeatyu
Replied by illeatyu on topic Venting

Oh my god do I know how you feel, I am so very sorry that you cannot get any relief until Tuesday, I hope the bath at your daughters helped.

Pain free wishes


“All the elements in your body were forged many, many millions of years ago, in the heart of a far away star that exploded and died. That explosion scattered those elements across the desolations of deep space. And came together to form you, you are unique in the universe.

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2 years 9 months ago #28987 by Johnno
Replied by Johnno on topic Venting
Hi all,

If you want to chuck a hissy fit, blow your stack or generally get crap off your chest stick it it here
A pain johnno

as long as I wake up alive I'm happy
Because it could be worse

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2 years 8 months ago #29030 by fingers
Replied by fingers on topic Venting
I hate having "invisible illnesses" On the outside I appear to be a health well presented young man capable of anything, when this could not be further from the truth. With the page long list of chronic physical and mental conditions I am a wreck! But people assume that because I look "healthy" I must be alright! When in fact I nearly crap myself in fear every time I leave the house carrying my backpack that is full of rescue medications and that social chit chat we just had and I keep over analysing it until my chronic pain distracts me, yeah I am well.

Then people say oh just get over it, it is nothing, we all feel like that...…. now that angers me!
/end rant

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