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Hi its Johnno, retread and everone else, its peppa here,

i,ve just come on ithis part of the forum and think its brilliant that we have the opportunity ti express ourselves openly- without being judged

i was crying, by the time i had finished reading all of the posts,
like others on this forum ,i too suffered Major Re-acative, Depression P.T.S.T and C.P as a result of the assault in the work place.

iI also had to deal with W.C, while trying to cope with the C.P, Re-active Depression and PTSD .

I saw 50 doctors/shrinks, alternative therapists ect ( have all 50 reports), trying desperately to find someone who could help with the pain.

i finally found a P.T.S.D psychologist who validated that the pain wasn,t in my mind - ( even though there was physical evidence with scans ect) to show that i,d been damaged physically.

this made the difference along with the shrink, who also stated, it wasn,t in my mind.

some doctors, will try and say that the depression was present before your injury and S..t, like that,
when you are highly functioning and get injured; your life can go into a downward spiral; real fast.

my hubby was supportive, but it takes your spouse a lot of re-adjustment, cause all of a sudden, you can,t do what you used to anymore;
sometimes overnight.

I,d thought of suicide too and thought how easy it would be to run my car into a tree/pole,
thought of the people i,d be leaving behind if i did

I stopped driving, for that reason and because of the pain i was experiencing ( i couldn,t concentrate all that well)
began keeping a journal about how i felt and i found that this helped me at the time to express how i felt in a safe - non- judgemental -manner

One particular Pain-specialist?, asked if wanted to spend time in a psych unit, but i told him, that if someone would help with the pain, i wouldn,t be so F..g depressed.!

i was angry all the time and asked a Re-hab officer, how they would like being slammed into a wall
overnight, not being able to work, do martial Arts, coach, train or any other activity; they had been doing prior to being damaged!

this particular person, never saw me in their office again and would only meet me in a coffee-shop; in a public place.

eventually, they realized i wasn,t talking sh...t and closed the books.

i saw the P.T.S.d psychologist for 7 years and i reckon the person needs a medal, cause boy i was I p...d at that time time.

so i contacted Curent Affairs , about the problems in Nursing and the Violence Nurses were exposed to,
they did a story about it on Channel 9 they also interviewed others; who validated that the violence was real and pretty bad.

i then went on to write my second book about this experience.

I,m sorry for ranting,
but my heart goes out to you++++++++

Johnno, i was wandering, you mentioned Bullying!

did you know that Bullying is Illegal and since they have brought in Brodies lLaw, things are being done to change this?

In June this year 2013, i also heard that they will be allowing a name and shame- meaning that people who bully , can be openly named without repocussions, to the individual; naming them.

There are also many sites now about Bullying and - KNOW BULL ( on google,)
be a good place to start loooking, about this damaging and soul destroying issue; for the individual.

I also used to look after clients who were Ex-millitary and had gotten sick, for one reason or another and the advice that others have given you ; is really really good .

it helps to explore all options, especially once your life is so affected ; by whats happened to you

I joined this site,
to try and help others if i could, , who like me suffer C.P, but many other issues come along with this
and they don,t just go away overnight; as everyone knows.

anyone that says Man-Up is an total moron and an idiot and this lets you know that they have absolutely
no idea of what C.P is about and the Damage; it can do.

another thought..=....
there is info available about C.P and its impact on people and maybe download a copy and give it to your Dr.

They might just become a bit more Educated about this issue and experience a reality - check.!
Most doctors , sadly , don,t have a cluue, they are clueless , about C.P and therefore; they need to be educated.

a Dr who listens to you and actually believes you helps too.

I,ve been seeing mine for 13 years now and i,m going to provide the info i was referring to ( above) to her,
so she has a more informative notion; of what C.P is and how is affects people.

W/C , well are just Ar...s - and sometimes, having another person speak to them on your behalf , can help decrease the stress; when having to deal with knobs!

I did,n/could,nt speaak to my C/m, because he was a dick and i just wanted to pull hjis head through the phone-line and s.. him; therefore i asked someone else to speak to them on my belhalf.

It helped with the stress, which helped a bit with the never-ending levels of pain.

Once again,
I,m sorry for rambling,
but seriously, as i read your posts on this site, the Anger just came up again and i thought-
Whats wrong with the medical Profession?

don,t they get it?

+ Maybe they do need to be educated on C.P, to have a handle on the devastating effects that CP; has on so many peoples lives.

so please, hang in there and just know that everyone is here for you and that; they really do care!

warmest regards always peppa
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Hi Johno, Just a quick update on the Veterans Help Groups.
When I was involved it was called the Vietnam Veterans Counseling Service, run by Vietnam Vets, but open to all ex-service folk. However there was a split, if you served in Vietnam I would recommend that you would make first contact with the :

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia

They will guide you, give you advice, and set you up with an Advocate to help you with the system.
You may be surprised with the help Physical and mental, that is available to you. They will help from their end, and put you in touch with best areas of the VVCS.

If you didn't serve in Vietnam then I would suggest that you contact :

Veterans' and Veterans' Family Counseling Service VVCS

This is a set up under the Department of Veterans Affairs, and you will find that a lot of help, counseling, courses etc. are available to you. They will assess your situation and offer a range of help. Also you will find that you are entitled, free of charge, a range of services, mobility aids, railings at your house if needed, and arrange of services to help out with the things that you are no longer able to do around the house, it is really is worth your while to get involved.

As I mentioned I have been out of the system for over a decade now, and finally contacted them last Friday, they are arranging a visit by a Counselor/Psychologist to come and visit, and help plan the way ahead.

There are lifestyle courses, health and well being courses, and much more available.
Just after we were married my wife and I were able to attend a 5 day Lifestyle course, at a country retreat, with several other ex-service guys and their wives. The information gained was priceless for both of us. The Course was run by a couple of Psychologists, and health care specialists

Even if you weren't involved in military conflict you will probably find that you may be entitled to a pension card that will enable you to receive a range of medical help, prescription etc.

I can understand that you may be reluctant to go down this road, and it did take me several years, with continual badgering from a couple of my mates, before I finally got involved. When I left the service, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with anything that reminded me of my time in the service.but it was certainly worthwhile in the long run.
Back in those days, DVA was the devil incarnate, but I am told those days have changed.

I guess the best approach would be to contact your local RSL Branch, and discuss it with them
, they handle pension inquires as well.

Well mate this has been a bit of a ramble, but PLEASE contact you RSL, and ask to speak to Pensions Officer, they are trained to give you far better advice than I can.

If there are any other serving, or ex-service folk reading this forum, I would encourage you to look into this as well, there is help out there for you, but you do have to look for it. Sadly, once again,our medicos are not informed, or trained to pass this type of info on.
I was fortunate, at the time to have a GP, who had just completed a workshop on PTSD, otherwise I wouldn't have known what was happening in my life, and would never had reached out for help.
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Hi all mrs.m, mrs I ,mrs Ssi ,mrs Ssi, mrs ppi send supportive hugs and is thinking of all and is keeping a watchful eye on us down here is so so will post more at a later date sorry not to be here with us all .
Thank you all for the suggestions I scared my wife today I was having a real downer this morning and told her and started to feel ok went to see my mum and dad and was gone ages and she was upset when I got home as she didn't know what to think !
It's all good now thank god I have to remember I have to live the hand I was dealt !
And look forward and work from day to day

as long as I wake up alive I'm happy
Because it could be worse

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Hi Johno, How is your day shaping up?

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Hi Retread,

Saw the doc this morning yep he opens on a Sunday he has upped the,Lyrica see how it goes I suppose.
My acupuncture doc said my major problem is stubbornness as I won't give in to the pain I try to fight it daily and the drugs help me hide it .
Problem is you put so much into hiding it that it bites you on the arse and then you crash , then you just gotta get up and start over it is definatly Groundhog Day .
Have been in touch with mrs m mrs I mrs Ssi mrs ssi mrs ppi she is well and has a big suit case to take on holidays in June the thirteenth I think

as long as I wake up alive I'm happy
Because it could be worse
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Hi Johno, big day for me today, I actually got out of the house to grocery shopping with my girl. I know "Boring" :unsure: , but considering I have only been getting out for doctors visits, for months, I still consider it a good result. Paying for it now though.
Down to 14 days for the hip replacement, and I am actually looking forward to it, it seems crazy :silly: , actually paying someone to hurt you but to have a couple of weeks rest (with Physio), and plenty of pain relief sounds like winning Lotto, and getting rid of a major physical pain should drop the intensity of the Fibro, (fingers crossed on that one).

I am telling everyone that I am going on a holiday with with "Club Med" so that is confusing a lot of folk who see me struggling to get through the day at home, as I don't add "ication" after the Med bit.

I am glad he upped the Lyrica for you, it seemed a very low dose that you were on, but with the withdrawal etc., it was probably best to be cautious, let me know how you go with it.
Your acupuncture doc was right, stubbornness is a major issue, specially with blokes (girls don't Tar & Feather me), we do try to put up a front, and it does come back to bight us. :woohoo:

Speaking of stubbornness, please don't put off contacting your local RSL Branch etc. I know I'm nagging, but it took mate to really keeping on my case for years, before I gave in and made the move, and it was the best thing I ever did.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and I hope you manage a restful night.

All the Best

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