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Hi peter, its peppa here

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! ++++++++++

You,ve hit the nail on the head in more than one way!

I tried to be politically correct before and held back, because i didn,t want to be told, i was out of line for speaking up about this sad and very, very true issue!

you are absolutely 110% correct, about everything that you,ve said and pointed out!

I was in- house, Hospital trained and boy was it different in many ways to Uni training training today.

In those days,
the Matron was the Boss and you did not dare step out of line - or oh boy, the reppoccusisons; were harsh.

However that said,
what you learnt and were taught about client/patient care- all those years ago; you never - ever forgot!

Your level of professional standards were much , much higher and you took pride in your approach
to client care ,
which was based on total empathy and understanding ,for how the individual was feeling-
(it wasn,t about you as a nurse, like now -having a bad day )!


- In the old days, when you trained as a nurse, you wore a uniform, which you changed out of before leaving
hospital and it went to a place via a central- linen service; which cleaned and sent them back to the hospital;

- you had to change from street clothes into the Cleaned Uniform before you even hit the wards; - for your shift

- you also wore a cap which covered your head (hair ) and your hair had to be at collar length, not longer.

- you were not allowed to wear any jewlery on the ward either.!

- you left your Bad Attitude at the door and didn,t bring it into the ward, before you started work- because you were there for the client/patients only! ( + not yourself)

- this behaviour and standard of practice was drummed into you and became normal!

- You ensured that you disinfected yourself, your hands and the everything that could come into contact with each and every clent. ( before moving to the next patient)

- you ensured that your personal hygiene was above reproach and you never, ever went from one client to another, without making sure; that you had washed your hands.

- you also wore a gown over your uniform and discarded this between patients.

- you never, ever put linen on the floor
made sure you brought a skip to the bed to put the dirty linen into.

- you did not shake the sheets, as you made the diin-fected bed, for fear of causing pathogens to become

- you carbolized the beds, before new patients got into the bed

- you sterilized the seats and anything else, that a client or you had touched; during your contact with them.

- every dressing you did was as sterile as possible and you correctly disposed of the infectious material.


I was also Uni trained ( to specialize)

- I was totally blown away by the difference in the lack of attention to these basic principles,
of Nursing care.

- There was not the same stipulation on this facet of care at the uni.! I,m not saying it wasn,t done,
it just wasn,t the main focus of the training.

At Uni, there is so much information, being showed into your face, to ensure that
a Professional body of knowledge ,
is installed in the Nursing course, (and you)
the time in Uni, is spent trying to keep up with all the practical knowledge you are expected to absorb, in a short amount of time;

- the practical aspects are touched upon and the placements ( of 2 weeks,) in various hospitals throughout your time in uni,
is supposed to do the job; of reinforcing the practical aspects of nursing care.!

But its not enough!

- Once you are Uni trained, you still need to complete a Graduate year , to Consolidate the Practical and
Theoretical knowledge;
which you have learnt and the technical skills, regarding practical nursing skills; still needs to be developed more fully!

As stated this is not enough, for all graduates.

Some graduates who pass the uni- based course; Never go on to work in the hospital system; but gravitate
to other ,easier areas of empolyment;
they have thier degree.

I stated training at Uni with another 259 students and only about 40 out of the 80, who were specializing n my chosen field ; completed the course.

From the numbers of:
other students who started training in the general nursing course there, 60 dropped out in the first year
in the second year- changes were brought into place and more students also failed,
by the third and final year, there were fewer students ; that actually ended up graduating from Nursing.!

Thats why the uni courses don,t really work!

the attitude of some nurses needs to be looked at and the focus, needs to be more client/patient focused.

the medical profession needs a serious overhall as well!

I have a case which has been ongoing with the the Medical Ombudsman/Commissioners office.
-serious failure in duty of care - ( which another doctor in the same situation, would have acted on)

( I have all documentation, to support these findings and failures -which is something they don,t like)

as a result of these events, my husband has nearly died - on several occassions.

My expected outcome is that
i Do Not want What has Happened to my Husband ,
happening to anyone else- ever!
therefore, Process and Procceedures; need to looked at and be changed!

i,ve said what my personal and professional observations have been over the years
have tried to point out the difference between the types of training; Nurse are recieving these days.

but the powers that be, have just not learnt, that this method is just not working.!

sSaph is riff throughout all hospitals in victoria
heven - help you, if you have an open dressing after some suregeries; because the prevalence
of Stpaph- infections is- High++++

thats why they try and discharge clients these days from hospital, sometimes
even before they are ready to leave.

sorry for waffling,
i just had to share this with you, because as i,ve said , i have seen it from both sides of the fence
( so to speak )
it deffinately isn,t working in the hospitals these days- not unless there are major changes put in place!

warmest regards peppa
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We absolutely do not and will never tolerate any bashing of medical staff or institutions here on this forum, regardless of how bad a member has been treated.

However, what you and I are discussing is the difference in standards from one era to another, which is a national industrial issue, and this is perfectly okay to discuss and to explore the reasons behind it.

This is affecting every single health campus in the country and it will never get any better till the day comes they decide to re-invent Nursing.

Back in your day, even doctors were held accountable by the old stick who wheeled the iron rod .
She who will always be obeyed
, was always ready to lock horns with an errant physician, should they ever step out of line. Especially with one of the nursing staff!

I know these things, because I have grown up with women who went through that system and even they are dismayed at how the "Basic Care" standard has given way to technical learning and the 'covering of ones backside with paperwork' that all nurses are forced into today thanks to the bullshit of the litigious society.

They do not exist any more!
They are modern day 'Technicians who Care for Consumers!'

In your day, a nurse was like a Mum to a sick kid, a sister to younger men or women, and a wife to an older man. She was able to care for each person emotionally and psychologically, as well as medically. There is a world of difference between the nurses of yesteryear and the "technical patient carers" of today.

Very sad indeed, but I don't think we will ever see that level of care come back again.


I wish the ring (this Chronic Pain) had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. (Frodo Baggins)
So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to us. (Gandalf the Grey)
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Hi Peter, an Peppa, thank you for being so open on this subject, they are my observations, and opinions also.
I have spent time in many hospitals over the years, and seen the decline, in standards and attitudes.

In three of the local hospitals that i was a prisoner in, I was disgusted to be able to clearly hear conversations from the nurses stations bouncing up the corridor, with 3-4 staff at a time, running down the administrations, and their colleagues. On one occasion they were ignoring the bells of patients calling for assistance.

Another time my 84 y.o. Grandmother was in public hospital, she needed a bed pan, the nurse gave her one, and paper to use for No 2's, When finished the nurse took the pan away, but didn't even help her wash her hands, and this was just before dinner was served. I hate to think what else was happening when we weren't there. The day before this happened a nurse came into the room, it was a four patient ward, to give out meds. Three of the patients, Grandma included, needed to use a puffer, the nurse attached it to a spacer and proceeded to give it to all three patients, we were aghast.

After the toilet episode we complained to the Num, and took our Grandmother to a private hospital.

Obviously the staff just didn't know better, and as you both mentioned this reflects on the current level of training.

Have they never heard of Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis??

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Hi retread its peppa here

I,m sorry to hear that your having such a bad day and that yesterday, has caused you so much pain/distress.

I know its hard, but please try and get some rest when/if you can, as i,ve found that even if i rest/sleep,
on the bed, couch or wherever, watching T.v and just drop off for a while; it can sometimes help;

doeas,nt work all the time, but once i,ve dosed my self up with the painkillers ,i use a heat pack and this trusty old companion, has come in handy many times over the years; when the pain in my back has ongoingly driven me to the point of just wanting to scream.!

I,m no angel and when things are bad, not good company either.!

I try to keep this in check if i can, cause of how hubby is these days and try to use distraction , as well as the meds, as well as the heat pack; for the pain

but please don,t apologize for feeling as you do, because it is hard dealing with this all the time.

thats why this site is a godsend, because we can express ourselves, when things are hard
so please hang in there and know that others here; really do care

warmest regards peppa.

warmest regards peppa

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Hi peter, its peppa here

i read you,re post and want to thank you, because you are right - once again!

We are only discussing the differences, in the styles of nursing from one era to another and not Hanging it on anyone;
or any particular institution!

you,re comments are justified, because this is the way it was and sadly the aspects related to training these days; needs serious overhauling.

don,t know who ever thought that this way would be better.


there is another aspect to this also- would you believe

the Nursing body as a whole, wanted to be recognized as a 'Profession'

sadly ,
they then needed what they call
"a body of knowledge "
which is only obtainable,
if nurses are trained via a University , in order to be recoginized as being 'Professional 'and gain this tiitle.

even if you had years of practical experience on the wards, you were lrecognized as
' technically skilled',
which has caused no end of friction between the new uni graduates and the more seasoned staff - in some instances -

my mum was a Nusrse for- 30 years before retiring -( kind of runs in the family i guess )and she used to tell me some whopper stories
( can,t say them here though.)

thats why the shift in training locations- or so we were told

however, as stated, it hasn,t really worked and sadly our system, is very, very broken

warmest regards peppa

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hi retread its peppa here

i know, when i read you post, i just thought- more horror stories.

i,m really sorry about your personal experiences and wish i could say, its going to get better,
i don,t believe in all honesty ; that i can.

its really sad what happened to your Grandmother and i,m glad you removed her
from this inappropriate setting
i,m thinking, she was probably glad to be out of there- too!

i,ve found all types of staff in different settings over the years and i think that it really depends
the individuals sense of pride in themselves and the title of 'Nurse", as to how they conduct themselves;
at a professional level - on the wards..

until things are seriously looked at and altered, i just don,t know what to say about it anymore,
its very disheartening- because you just know , that its never - ever really; going to change.!

thank god for this forum!

warmest regards peppa.

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