Want to Have Your Say About the Health System!

9 months 3 weeks ago #30248 by Brett3
Thanks again. No definitely not self funded. I wish. Lol . I am living on income protection. Took me 5 years to get . I would get more on pension if I was able to receive it. Damned if I do damned if I don’t.

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4 months 6 days ago #30377 by Brett3
After all these years my husbands boss has retired. Sold the business and the people that have taken over have now dropped days my husband works . He has lost $700 a fortnight. Luckily the redundancy paid out all our smaller bills and now we just have the mortgage. I am now going to apply for a health care card, surely now we’re entitled to that. We both have paid more than our fair share of taxes since leaving school and me till that jerk rear ended me. The government hands out stimulus payments to those already on the dole ( those that won’t work) sit on their butts all day ( nothing changes for them and they get a good cash bonus ) but what about us tax payers doing it hard . Sorry guys I am having a really shitty day . Sick of the crutches trying to get around , totally had enough.

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