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5 years 7 months ago - 5 years 7 months ago #22816 by LambChop
What you take other than what scripts their computer says you have had in the past.

Today went as Lyrica gave taking 4 a day still not able to say walk without pain on 8/10 to point think I'm losing mobility and giddy too no like the one bend down get up fast but to do with eyes have to try to touch walls with left hand or feel unsteady with just a stick and slight different level surface beat me cannot direct feet as muscles keep locking up only description. Feel I need 2 sticks. Then giddy - look down say to turn on gas fire and suddenly eyes focus goes sideways as if falling and feel like about to. Or bend look down and the floor seems to be suddenly whipping right up at you. Also had told him last time month back swollen right leg like a sausage about to burst on the grill on 3 a day and he put me up to 4. He says fluid. Yet on Natrilix which takes care of that.
So went home worked out liquid intake excluding milk is less than 1.5 litres a day he said was max. 1.5 litres counting milk.

Anyway today told him left swollen right up too, looked up and serious side effect is this "sudden swelling of legs and feet" and says go to hospital. Went wait 10 hours so came home. Cant stand around or sit in low chairs for long.
And so I stopped taking the 4th a week back and gradually left leg is only half swollen and right too - showed him them.
No reaction just looked up computer and gave me Endep 10 said will help in place of Lyrica and when I said will it help Muscles from locking up and he said inflammation so gave me Voltaren 25.

I am allergic to aspirin. Also have piles and problems with constipation from Panadeine Fort and Norspan. Endep is bad for these. So no better off. What do do. I will sleep on it. And then who knows try it maybe or not. I use Voltaren gel now and then but cant take it for long periods and told him that too.

(b)Honestly today its a lottery going to a doctor. From now on I am going home to look up "tell the doc if you have this or that." As well as side effects. (/b)
Like Lyrica told him I had had badly swollen feet 3 years back and he knew as was prescribing Natrilix for fluid anyway and prior Moderetic.

I asked him about something like Oxycontin but non time release similar to Targin. He said cant have it with Norspan. But its derived from Heroin and so is codeine and in that. And so is Codeine in PF. Said the same about PF to start with.
What do I have to do to find something that helps not hinders. Cant change my doctor. Short of these and Super Clinic or hospital emergency.
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1 month 6 days ago - 1 month 5 days ago #30541 by gepsaro
Do not you want to visit technical service specialist with this issue? I do think that the problem can be resolved in just a few clicks, but without knowledge of the nuances, you can spend hours on it. I do not think it is worth spending your nerves on it. I am from Dallas zip code locations, and we have service spots in each shopping center. They will do it in no time.
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