Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

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4 years 6 months ago #25035 by Krikit
Replied by Krikit on topic Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)
Thanks for replying, folks. I never did get around to trying it. It's very expensive and difficult to arrange. Also, I have little hope that it would work and I'm so tired of trying new "things".
I've tried Palexia at 50mg but it didn't work. Today, I have a script for 150mg and can use my old 50mg to add up to 200mg if needed, with panadeine fortes for breakthrough. I will try that from tomorrow and see if there is any improvement. This whole process is so very exhausting!!

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4 years 6 months ago #25037 by Chris L
Replied by Chris L on topic Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)
Krikit. I found that it took a little while to get used to the side effects of the Palexia. I started on the 50, ( which I could hardly notice) and then went to the 100. Each time I was hit with a new wave of drowsiness and other issues for at best- several days, which I was able to get over, but my doctor had me speak to the dispensing Pharmacist , who gave me good information on what to expect. I would hate to jump from 50 to 150, or 200 in 1 hit, particularly with other meds. But probably is quite normal I expect, but just passing along my own recent experience . Good luck and I hope you don't have important things to do while increasing this dosage.

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4 years 6 months ago #25192 by Johnno
Replied by Johnno on topic Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)
The reading of the word (PEA) reminds me of the wonder drug Thalidomide caused a huge amount of problems in child berth.
It too was a medication to stop or prevent of all things morning sickness it caused a lot of pain for a lot of mothers.
Hopefully the way this is worded doesn't strike any similarities.
Unfortunately mistakes can be buried


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4 years 5 months ago #25408 by Nars
Replied by Nars on topic Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)
PEA is available from the Compounding Lab in Brisbane.
Capsules similar to the ones from the Netherlands but full (not 3 parts full) are considerably cheaper than those I was originally importing for myself. The PEA powder in the Australian caps comes from Italy. The Stuff from the Netherlands is supposed to be somehow 'compressed' but no different in effect to the Aussie capsules. According to my research and the Netherlands people, there is no limit to the dose. During my years on Morphine, I took 2 capsules a day for results similar to taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

Now that I've been clean of Morphine for almost 9 months, I'm able to better assess how to live with chronic pain. Because of the fusion of vertebra, I cannot have nerve root injections in the S1/L5 space. Panadene Forte has little or no effect on pain levels. PEA takes a few weeks to build up its effect but using the cream several times a day during this period helped me.

There is also a Palmitoylethanolamide cream that works temporarily if you apply it to source of pain. Get it at the same place but be aware that neither product is cheap stuff. I used to buy nearly $300 worth of the capsules from the Netherlands at a time. Locally it's less than 1/3 of that.

As for it working or not... I'm no Doctor but I am aware of what I take for pain control and what works for me. My original surgery was a lamenectomy to stop sciatica. I had for many years used anti-inflammatory drugs. They never quite stopped the pain. Spinal injections by a self styled pain control GP had some effect but it never lasted very long. I've formed the opinion now that there are two types of back pain. One is as a result of inflammation usually caused by narrowing of discs (slipped disk) and the other is just plain old back pain that can be treated with pain killers.

Anyone intending to 'try' PEA needs to be aware that it has the most effect where inflammatory pain is present. It is not in my opinion a 'pain killer' and it costs some serious money to keep buying it.

I was on 180 mg of Morphine daily for nearly 5 years. It didn't really stop the pain from several back operations and an infection of Golden Staph. The last surgery was monstrous. 2 steel rods, 12 bolts and several plates to hold fusion of L2, L3 L4, L5 and S1 and no... I can't do up my shoe laces now! I hope this answers some questions and opens the door to how to get it in Australia.

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4 years 1 month ago #26614 by KylieAnn
Replied by KylieAnn on topic Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)
I have just seen my pain specialist this afternoon and he has recommended that I try this medication

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

He has said there are virtually no side effects due to it being a natural substance in our bodies already, this medications just increases it.

My specialist informed me that I will need to go to a compounding pharmacy not a general pharmacy.

I saw your further comment in regards to the dosage your specialist gave you, mine is 4 times that amount.
I am to also continue taking my regular medications, as this can be used on top of other prescribed medications.

I have already tried Palexia, but it did not help/work for me.
I seem to have quite a few issues with medications.

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2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #28893 by Beestar
Replied by Beestar on topic Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)
Hey Krikit, I have just begun the journey of PEA. I suffer with bursitis & OA in my hip, L3,4,5 bulging discs from a domestic violence attack several years ago. Most compounding pharmacies will now supply PEA, some require GP request form but I have found Pharmacy will supply after a quick discussion with pharmacist recognising chronic pain. Hope you are faring alright. Will update you on my way along the road. Hopefully a positive result.

Sorry I have edited we do try to inform our many users to try not to promote any Specialist ,Doctor,pharmacy or drug on our postings

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