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Hi EllyLahLah,

Welcome to the CPA forum :) It's a wonderful site to get more information and most importantly the support you need as a chronic pain sufferer. We all know how you feel as we are living our own pain journey!! You will find friendship and understanding on here and never feel the need to prove yourself as we get it and no judgement here :)
I'm glad you felt you could share your story and I hope that having us here helps in some way.

I lived in Sydney for 14 years so know if well, but moved up to the Gold Coast 3 years ago and we now live a much quieter life but thankful for the people I have met up here and the pace is much slower so that is good too.

Soldiering on is what we all do and I have told myself many times it is what makes me stronger!!! (sometimes I don't believe myself ;) )

Thanks again for joining our group and look forward to getting to know you more in 2017 :)

Jo x

"Just thinkin' about tomorrow
Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow 'til there's none

When I'm stuck with a day that's grey and lonely
I just stick out my chin and grin and say, oh

The sun will come out tomorrow
So you gotta hang on
'til tomorrow, come what may!"

Annie - The Movie
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4 years 1 month ago #26930 by arjay
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Dear Ellylahlah :)

Reading your post you have been/are suffering in agony for such a long time and im sure many members can relate this with their own experiences.

I see also that you have studied natural medicine and just in recent times academia and professional bodies are starting to recognize some of this calling it "Complmentary Medicine" particularly when they are unable to diagnose our symptoms.

I must admit I have some misgivings myself ,but if remedies have worked over centuries then studies should be carried out to locate why they work and under what circumstance.

The trade off from a pure chemical substances and a natural one can be quite messy,but then again many medicines are derived from natural plants and insects.

Just recently I have been reading that new approaches are being investigated with fungai and show a lot of promise particuley with antiboiotics.

Rattling on again Sorry :S

As your'e in Sydney I have mentioned in a previous post a Professor of Othopedics with a lot experienced in spinal surgery who has just written a book about surgery that I have read twice now and any operations I have to have in the future will be cleared with him first. If you wish I can PM details for you.

I have a bit of a problem loosing weight because of reduction in movement, so even though I know it will improve my lot considerably I still find it hard.

Just last year a DEXA scan revealed that I had mild osteoporous , but Im 76. I cant imagine why youve developed calcification at such a young age and its occurring with such devastating consequences still.

In one of Johhnos' posts he stressed the need for pacing ones-self to help the healing process or at least reducing our pain symptoms

To "give it our all" in our life can be quite counterproductive when the body really needs rest.. I have, and am finding it difficult to accept the changes occuring now with brain fog and fatigue and stumbling but adapting to it is necessary for me not to sink into depression making it worse.

Pushing yourself at Taronga park "what is the alternative" to teach your children . For me is best summed up by the phrase "change the things you can, Accept the things you cant and try to know the difference" is a great lesson for us all to learn in life.

By being gentle with yourself and perhaps "soldiering on " in a different way is worth looking at.

Again I've rattled on again. mutter mutter mutter. :S

Warm regards :)


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1 month 2 days ago - 1 month 4 hours ago #30551 by gepsaro
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As I have to spend most of the time at home due to chronical pain issues, I was forced to find some hobby for myself. And luckily, I could find activity that also brings income. But do not think it happened overnight. Actually I had to spent many months studying and training. You can visit the tickmill platform if you want to become a trader.
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1 month 2 days ago #30552 by Johnno
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Hi gepsara,
“ A letter for those who need to show people what it’s like to suffer chronic pain”
This is on General Discussions fifth one down it opens people’s minds to our demise.

as long as I wake up alive I'm happy
Because it could be worse

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