Experience's of buprenorphrine

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1 month 1 week ago #30526 by Go Nadz
Replied by Go Nadz on topic Experience's of buprenorphrine
It would seem that more people are being prescribed buprenophrine now because there was very little response when I first posted.

For me, thankfully, after some "issues" with the local controlling authority, I have now been allowed to continue on the slow release Kapanol and Endone for break through that has kept me sane for the last twenty years and have not been forced to change to buprenorphrine. The equivalent dose to my current one is not available in anything but patches and skin sensitivity means those would be problematic, to say the least, for me. Whether that played a part in the controlling bodies decision I cant say.

After much research it has become clear that some of my issue with buprenorphrine is connected to the fact that it binds so tightly with the bodies receptors that it effectively blocks the uptake of other pain relievers which means that if I tried a change and that change proved inadequite it would be some time (research of medical papers does not indicate a more exact time frame beyond "some time") before the previous medication would work again. There is also the issue that, if for example, I suffered another injury and needed other pain medication, that medication would be blocked by the buprenorphrine and rendered ineffective but that is obviously not as important.

I guess I would really like to hear from someone who has been moved from Kapanol/MS Contin or similar to buprenorphrine and what their experience of the change has been.

Ultimately, if what you take works, that is all that matters and I am glad that the people who have responded are finding this medication relieves their pain. After the plethera of different medication that was trialed in the past in my case, I am not so sure it would be effective for me. If I knew I could return to my former regime without the issue of weeks of agony if it proved ineffective I would certainly be much happier to trial it.

I hope the new year has brought joy into everyones life and I wish happiness, long life and prosperity to all.

Someone once said "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."
What doesn't kill you probably leaves you with enough chronic pain that you kinda wish it had,lol.
That said, on the edge is living, all the rest is just waiting around to die.

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2 weeks 2 days ago #30577 by Angie069
Replied by Angie069 on topic Experience's of buprenorphrine
My personal experience whilst being on this patch is that it gave me pain relief but only for a short while. It's too addictive and I was allergic to the adhesive and needed to stop using it. I sent the company an email if they were in future to upscale the adhesive, but I never received a reply. They don't care it seemed.

Everyone has a different tolerance to medications. What helps for one person may not help the other.

With all medications there are risks. You need to follow the guidelines and always be careful.

Overall, it wasn't a good pain reliever for me personally.

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