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2 years 1 month ago - 2 years 1 month ago #29633 by dst1800
Medication Rotation Regiment was created by dst1800
Hi All,

Based in Qld and have Chronic Cervical (Neck & Shoulder) Pain.

I've been on Palexia 3 x 150 for the past 2 years (and for 3 years before that, rotated different opiate medications every few months to minimise tolerance build-up, but bureaucracy stopped, I became tolerant to this dosage and ended up still having to take Ibuprofen regularly for the pain (I've had gastric Sleeve, also, so know that this is harmful).

I had Pulsed RadioFrequency in December (which only last for 3-24 months, depending on the person).

After the procedure I undertook a MEDICALLY SUPERVISED Ibogaine Detox in Mexico (which, despite a lot of negative info on the web, made the 20 hour treatment "RELATIVELY" quick and painless PLUS NO PAWS!. If anyone would like more info on this, I'd be happy to respond to PMs.) to avoid a drawn out tapering regime and lower/reset my tolerance.

Anyway, my question:

My pain has returned so am back on 2 x 150mg Palexia/day + Panadeine Forte x 3/day (PRN)

HOWEVER - I do NOT want to become "dependent" again (I was never an "addict" - despite being treated like one) and have both a naturally high tolerance AND fast metabolism (hence the 3 x day regiment)

I see a new "Addiction/Pain Specialist" in the next couple of weeks and was wondering, if anyone knows:

1. Is there a medication rotation plan that would help prevent me becoming dependent again (eg 3/4 days on an opiate-analgesic per week, then the remaining 3 days on non-opioid medications?

2. If so, would doctors allow/prescribe opiates in this sort of manner? My concern is them thinking "If you don't need it every day, then you don't need it at all....." etc

Thank you, in advanced, for your time/effort with responding.

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2 years 1 month ago #29635 by jo.m
Replied by jo.m on topic Medication Rotation Regiment
All of us here know how difficult it is to manage our pain successfully and with the help of our medical professionals and probably our own experiences try our best.
However we can’t give you advice on the forum as to what to take and when.
The best thing you can do is to discuss all this with your new Pain Specialist in the next few weeks.
If you need to chat further to get ideas of what has worked for each individual then you might consider personal messaging.
Good luck and keep us posted on how you are going and remember we are all here to support you.


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2 years 1 month ago #29636 by dst1800
Replied by dst1800 on topic Medication Rotation Regiment
Hi Jo,

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate/understand that no one could/should provide medical advice regarding dosage and frequency of medication. That makes complete sense.

I guess I was hoping someone may know whether the regulators would allow (and/or Dr's would, "generally/hypothetically", be willing) to provide SLOW RELEASE opiate medication on some form of part time basis (or whether they'll ONLY prescribe these to people for everyday use).

I think I may give the regulators (MRQ) a call to see if they can provide any clarity to the situation.

Thank you very much for your time AND for providing such an invaluable platform/service.

Al the best,

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