Heart palpitations

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7 years 11 months ago #13412 by Oxytotem
Replied by Oxytotem on topic Heart palpitations
Thanks everyone for your advice and wishes.i appreciate all of you caring so much :cheer: went to the doc today and got off the jurnista,back on the OxyContin and wow I feel so much better!my doc is very good,but also seems very reluctant to up the dosage any further and wants me to come back in a month for the same script...I really think I need my doc to write another note explaining chronic pain to my employer and the possible side effects of pain medications like the ones I'm on.ive tried explaining the magnitude of my situation,both with my injuries and the strength of my meds,but seem to be falling on deaf ears.i have previously given a doctors written explanation of my injuries,medications, dosage and a fact sheet on oxycontin.my head chef gets back today so really need to sit down with him and HR and sort this all out.im having escalating problems with one of the chefs being overtly picky and just plain petty for dobbing me in to other people about insignificant issues,just to create problems.the sous chef,who is second in charge,and whom I work with the most, keeps saying I'm doing a good job so hopefully he explains that to my boss.possibly the anxiety of all this also was not helping the ol ticker either :lol:

btw has anybody done "medication holidays" or simply switched to say dihydrocodeine or similar at an equal dose of their usual med for a few weeks just to keep tolerance down before?i feel like I'm running out of options here with the meds...doc also redressed the issue of the prolotherapy,she says the other doc does 4-6 injections into the tissue and after this it either works or it doesn't.i really am nervous about the potential nerve damage issues,but did promise to at least have a chat with this guy about it...hope you all have a stress free day today, thanks again for caring, Tom.

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7 years 11 months ago #13417 by grappers
Replied by grappers on topic Heart palpitations
Tom no never had a medication holiday, but then they had nothing to change over to because on intolerance factors, the only solution in my case was to alter the strength at around 6 month intervals from higher to lower and back to my usual strength, going to the lower strength gave me a few extra challenges with increased pain, in the end though it has prolonged the time I have been taking mine, which is over 6 years now.

As for work get this snickering under control as soon as possible, working under such tight conditions and under a lot of pressure at service times is only going to make working in a job you enjoy unbearable, if that means the head chef sitting you all down and clearing the air the sooner the better.

Prolotherapy I would be doing a lot of research and seeking out testimonials from others who have had it done, to see how successful this approach has been. I know I would not like to have 4 -6 needles jabbed in my back, the ones they have already tried, like nerve blocks have been a disaster and left me worse off. You have to very comfortable with your decision whether to go ahead and in the end it is your choice, take as long as you need, but I will say it again research it thoroughly.


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7 years 11 months ago #13431 by weather
Replied by weather on topic Heart palpitations
Hey Oxy what a horrible experience you had, sorry to hear that, I have had that reaction from Tramal (synthetic) but never from poppy derived opiates, It's not nice at all and did I read correctly that your Dr. wants you back on Jurinista after another month back on Oxy after what you just went through??????

About your med holiday question, yes! I go off my Oxy for 2 weeks about 2- 3 times a year but I'm VERY lucky and have no withdrawals but if I tried that with my clonazepam (Rivotril/Paxam) I'd be in serious trouble. Going cold turkey off meds is extremely dangerous but I can do it with opiates for some bizarre reason, but going off benzo's cold turkey can be lethal.

I will admit though that by day 10 my pain levels get unbearable so if you do decide to do it, do it properly with a planned out tapered system from your Dr and do it when you're on holidays and don't have any plans to go away because you don't know how you'll react and if things are bad at work don't give them fuel to use against you as a lot of people do get quite sick for a few days. Make sure you also have an emergency plan with your Dr. for an emergency visit even if they are fully booked or a script to be made available at reception, BUT not for withdrawals if you get them, they just suck and you just have to ride it out. The emergency script is for the regular pain, withdrawal pain is usually all over. The reason I know all this is from researching it when I did it the 1st time. There is also meds available to ease symptoms so ask your Dr. about everything from a to z and get a really good solid structured plan in place and have all bases covered if you ever decide to do it.

I knew from past experiences that when I was coming off any anti-depressant I'd need 4 weeks off work to get over it. They are my living hell on earth to get off, yet most people are fine. We're all so different

I react to 80% of medications very differently to others, DO NOT EVER let one one MY stories EVER stop you from trying something. We are all so different. It might be the key to relieving your CP. May your trip on The-Med-Go-Round be a short one!
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7 years 11 months ago #13433 by Florrie
Replied by Florrie on topic Heart palpitations
G'day Tom,

I am pleased you are feeling much better without Jurnista, isn't it a relief? I would like to suggest that you speak to your GP about going to see a Pain Specialist, maybe the best thing you could do???

I hope you get your stresses from your work addressed soon, who needs that kind of pressure when it is a struggle to get yourself to work and try and function efficiently. I do feel for you.

I trust your heart/chest is now feeling much better.

Take care :)
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7 years 11 months ago #13438 by di
Replied by di on topic Heart palpitations
Hi Tom ♥,

I just managed to catch up on everything in the threads and am sorry to hear about your heart palpitation scare. :(
I hope you're feeling ok now and getting everything sorted out with your medications.

Hugs to you,
:) Di

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7 years 11 months ago #13468 by Santosha
Replied by Santosha on topic Heart palpitations
Hi Oxy,
Hope your feeling better.
Those heart palpitations can be a real bugger and a bit scary when you have them the first few times.
Actually even after all the tests to hopefully show your heart is good and the stresses in your worklife etc are the possible culprit, it can still be unnerving whenever they appear.

It sounds like your on the right road by seeking immediate medical attention. It is always the safest and smartest thing to do in this situation. I too have had the palpitations, the stress, the heart monitor and other tests. My mistake though was in not handling the stress better and letting it go on for way too long and now the heart irregularities are of a more permanent nature, though thankfully not heart attack material.

Life throws us some interesting challenges at times. For most people work related stresses are enough but to have to sort through that issue when you are in pain and trying to find your way down the pain management pathway makes it doubly challenging.

The most important thing is to stay cool, calm, and try to take an impersonal view of all the stuff that goes on at work. I know it's easy for me to say this to you as i didn't do a great job of listening to the exact same advice i gave myself at the time i had somewhat similar issues. If i had known just how much worse i could have made things for myself with getting stressed maybe i would have listened to myself. Any way if your heart stuff is stress related, we all need to realise that our own health is more important, and find ways to stay chilled out.

I like that you are quite proactive in trying to help others to understand the pain you experience, reasons why and how it plus the medications affect you. Unfortunately unless others have experienced ongoing pain or know someone who is, they often find it hard to relate to us.

In the past, actually even today still, I will take my wife with me to some appointments, meetings etc as i have found that for some reason when she tells people what my experience of the pain, medications and effects on day to day life are like they seem somehow able to take that information in. They take it in, in a way they don't when i the person in actual pain explains it to them. It has definitely led to some good outcomes. Having said this it does work best if the person you take, knows you, has seen you in pain, has seen how it can affect ones mood etc.

Some people will never get your situation, don't care, whatever. Don't focus on trying to change their minds. Your boss and head chef seem to be the important ones as once they get it they can support you.

You seem to have a lot of people on this site who are really wanting good outcomes for you.
I too hope it starts to settle down and you can get to a place where your pain is managed.

Prolotherapy isn't for everyone.
My experience, which is not unique, is that i don't want to live with strong pain every day.
Then there are all these new options with treatments to try.
Whislt a certain treatment may be just the thing for you, it also may not be suited to your situation.
Take time to ask questions, read as much as you can, get a second opinion maybe from someone who doesn't advocate prolotherapy and ask them why.
There is no easy answer and we each need to make our own choices.
Personally i have nearly lost count of the number of times i have been told that a treatment is worth a try.
Then in the weeks and at times months after the procedure I am in worse pain and loking back wondering why no one even suggested that there was a chance the pain could get worse.

I think my experiences have led me to realise that i shouldn't rush in to procedures and that I don't always make the best decisions when i am in lots of pain. Which is why I think it is so important take your time and to find someone who has YOUR best interests always in mind as a sounding board and support when it is time to decide what to do. That said we all do the best we can with the info we have at hand. Never really knowing the outcome. But that's life.
Keep smiling.
All the best wishes

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