Feeling lost about my pain relief & future

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8 years 3 months ago #13546 by GarfieldRules
Feeling lost about my pain relief & future was created by GarfieldRules
Hi guys, I went to my pain specialist yesterday. I explained to him I have had no pain relief at all. I have been seeing him since September last year. Mind you the appointments have been few and far between. I said my migraines are gettting worse and I am taking non stop pain killers day and night. They pretty well don't work but I am desperate. I am always in bed with my migraines as well which puts alot of pressure on my hubbie who works full time. I said by now I had wanted to be off all the pain killers.

He said at this stage that my if my Lyrica has not helped by now it probably wont. What he has asked me to do is for two weeks take Lyrica 150mg (which I already take) plus Lyrica 75mg as well twice a day. If in two weeks I have had no pain relief then I have to go back to Lyrica 150mg and finish the box I just bought yesterday. Then drop down to the Lyrica 75mg. He gave me 4 small free sample boxes of 14 tablets. Then after I finish those just stop Lyrica all together.

I am also to stay on my 60mg of Cymbalta once a day. He has asked me to go to my GP and get a care plan so I can go to a phsycologist and a psychiatrist (don't know how to spell sorry). I have told him I cannot afford to go to him and another specialist. So I will probably go to the physcologist once and maybe the psychiatrist for the rest. Apparantly the psychiatrist does the medication side of things for depression.

I am also booked in again to get those needles in the back of my neck and head to try and calm down the muscles and nerves to try and help my migraines. He has also given me a script for 2 norspan patches 5mg to use if I need to after I have delt with the Lyrica side of things. He said 5mg is non addictive and a very small dose. I was the one who actually asked about patches.

I guess I was really hoping the Lyrica would be my saviour. I am feeling very let down by the fact it just didn't work on my migraines. To date NO drug or alternative therapy has worked on my migraines.

How am I meant to live the rest of my life in severe migraine pain. How am I meant to be there for my family. In two years I am meant to try and get a job while my son starts school. How??

I know everyone on this site is in alot worse pain and poor lifestyle than me but I am sorry I just have to put this out there and I guess I am looking for some support. I am really feeling depressed and lost now.

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8 years 3 months ago #13552 by Peter
Replied by Peter on topic Feeling lost about my pain relief & future
Garfield, I am really sorry you are suffering like this and know that you can always come here to get the support you need, because we really care about you.

But after reading your post, I am compelled to ask you a few questions that stand out to me and make me think that your pain may be inflated due to more stress than you should have.

Why were you hoping to be off of all your pain medication?
For someone who suffers so much, how did you think you were going to be off all the medication in such a short time period?
I find that extraordinarily optimistic!

Please don't take this the wrong way, but do think some of your out of control pain could be caused by the stress you are putting yourself under?

Unfortunately for most of us, we may very well be stuck with what we have for the rest of our lives. And often if we fight and struggle against it, all the while searching, searching for that elusive cure, then the stress from that alone can have our pain levels up to between 9 and 10 out of 10.

It is imperative that you learn to relax and accept your life as it is. Because if you do, then your whole outlook will change to something else. And no, it is most definitely NOT GIVING UP!

There are times in your day when you will be able to function, but because of your increased pain, you lose those moments.

When we accept our pain condition and actually STOP looking for a cure, we can then think clearly and see more clearly, the direction we need to go, so that we can get the best lifestyle that will help us live with the pain.

Doctors and specialists, cannot help us long term. All they can do is prescribe some drugs to assist us in controlling the levels of our pain. And maybe some other devices for the same reasons too.
But the bulk of our management, must come from us and how we deal with our problems and how we live out each day.

Control your mind Garfield and do not let your mind control you. You will be surprised how much pain you will tolerate once you have control. You must find ways of distracting yourself with positive activities. Once you achieve some task within the parameters of a 'positive' activity, the release of dopamine makes life very good for you indeed, even if for only a short while. And doing this regularly, means you get pain relief regularly.

I hope I have been able to explain this clearly so you don't feel I am having a shot at you, because that is not my intention. We all suffer like you, on and off, because we all struggle daily. But there are degrees of this struggle that we all live with. And if your struggle is too much for you, then you may very well be causing some of this struggle yourself, by adding undue stress and pressure on yourself.

Please take some time to consider what I am saying and let me know what you think.


I wish the ring (this Chronic Pain) had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. (Frodo Baggins)
So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to us. (Gandalf the Grey)
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8 years 3 months ago #13555 by grappers
Replied by grappers on topic Feeling lost about my pain relief & future
Just to add to Peters comment GR, you have said it yourself in couple of posts just recently, your mother in law is very sick, this alone is putting stress on you and on top you are worried because your husband is not showing any emotions, you allow yourself to let all these stresses build up inside and they come to the forefront as migraines. You have to learn how to release this stress before it builds up, otherwise you will be getting one headache on top of another.
Get some meditation and breathing exercises going to relieve all those tight muscles in your neck and shoulders, try not to take so much on board.


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8 years 3 months ago #13557 by Oxytotem
Replied by Oxytotem on topic Feeling lost about my pain relief & future
Hey Garfield I totally agree with everyone and you should be taking it easy.meds are a real pain,pardon the pun, to get off,especially multiple types.try doing some meditation or light stretching/Pilates and concentrate on focusing your mind into a state of calm.once you can find your happy place and can visit it as much as you need to you may find at least some of the headaches and tension are a bit better.its no cure,but any can help.was wondering if oxygen therapy would benefit people with headaches?only because of the better infiltration of the system might alleviate some pressure?i dunno,I'm not a doctor,but it may be worth asking about..take care,Tom
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8 years 3 months ago #13577 by Eliza
Replied by Eliza on topic Feeling lost about my pain relief & future
Hey GF thinking of you ATM...

There are some good suggestions been made here. Stress can cause a lot of complications and you seem to have lots of that in your life with family issues/hubby, your mother inlaw and headaches. I hope everything looks brighter soon for you and take-care...

Gee I think Peter is right accepting our life for what it is or for what it has become is not giving up...

Look after yourself GF....
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8 years 3 months ago #13583 by Collins
Replied by Collins on topic Feeling lost about my pain relief & future
Hey Garfield

Get on a care plan, your actually allowed up to six visits a year to each of the specialists.
It can be renewed as required.

I think a pyschologist would be really helpful to you! Especially right now.
They work on educating you about your own body and how it works, this is really powerful in dealing with the issues you raise as well as being able to handle pain much better from the education of why/ how pain works etc.

I used to get migraines when I was young and I have grown out of them since with the help of magnesium supplements, so I can understand how much pain they can really put out - theres not much worse in pain terms! I can really feel for you!

Hope things get better for you - tap into the system to get the most out of it - see the pyschologist, I am confident you will find it valuable and very helpful - they are all nice people deep down and so they are good to talk to about anything! Well worth a visit at the least and it will cost you nothing!

Dont know whether you have tried magnesium supplements before, but its worth a go if you havent. Scientififc studies have stated that magnesium is a 100% cure for migraines -thats what they are claiming - believe it or not!
I can provide the scientific link/s / placebo trails that claim this, but I also recognise that everyone is different and reacts different to meds/ foods/ supplements etc , so I dont quite agree with the 100% even though its qualified and supposedly scientififcally proven by experts and not one of the many cons by witchdoctors that are out there - look into it, if you havent.

The best help I can advice I can give you when you feel down - is to come here - there is so much goodness and wealth of information and help here, that we can help see you through the worst times as a coalition of friends that care for you and want to help you. t helps a lot to know your not alone and coming here just reinforces that so much more that you can feel good even whilst in the most extreme pain. So keep posting and keep us all in the loop about how you are going daily and your problems you are facing, so that we can all help you - we wont let you give up - not here!

Best wishes and thoughts to you - its 4.17am and a normal type of headache (it still hurts a lot though) is keeping me up (from my new meds) - lol, so I am glad I found your post here tonight as I feel I have someone that I can relate to with my headache at the moment, it makes it easier when I'm busy writing here to get through the pain.

Keep strong

One of the silent voices, supporting CPA
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