Feeling lost about my pain relief & future

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8 years 3 months ago #13620 by GarfieldRules
Replied by GarfieldRules on topic Feeling lost about my pain relief & future
Don I have mentioned to the pain specialist a few times now about being off the codeine. I even mentioned it last Friday. He did mention in conversation that the meds could be causing some of my headaches.

I mentioned about seeing a pain physicologist and he just mentioned going to see a normal one that he deals with in the hospital where we were.

If I had not mentioned patches he would not have talked about it. He had mentioned it initially in our first appointment but has never bought it up again. I just got this feeling that he may not be too sure what to do about me. Maybe its just me being paranoid. Don, how do you do breathing meditation?

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8 years 3 months ago #13624 by grappers
Replied by grappers on topic Feeling lost about my pain relief & future
GR here is a you tube link with a instructions www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc...vm=bv.41867550,d.dGY

In google just type in Breating Meditation there is pages and pages to help you www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc...vm=bv.41867550,d.dGY

There is a difference between the 2 unless the physiologist at the hospital also works within the pain clinic there, pain physiologist have more training in dealing with CPers and can give you tools to help you cope. I had a hard time understanding why your sister sees a public pain clinic and that is the first hurdle they wanted to cross, because deep down you know that they are doing you more harm than good.

good luck with the meditation


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8 years 3 months ago #13644 by kebsa
Replied by kebsa on topic Feeling lost about my pain relief & future
i am so sorry that you are so distressed garfieled and i must then say that you should not try to think about whether your pain is less or worse than anyone else, thats immaterial really, the thing is is that it affects on your ability to function and that amkes it an issue! having said that i do agree with hat has been said- you are putting to much stress on yourself- i picked up on the medication issue as well as how you may return to work in 2 yrs- i assume that is to fit in with centrelink- 2 yrs is quite a while but if you are not fit to work then there are options to try through centrelink. all of this stress an worry about things that not in your control at present will just add to pain triggers and reduce ability to cope

from what you mention about choosing the psychaitrist or psychologist, i assume that would be through a gp care plan and the 5 visits - i can nderstand the thought about the psychaitrist so they may treat depression but ithink you may be surprised at just how useful the psychologost may be- especially if you really make a good connection wih the psychologist- there is one psychologist in particular who really i will never be able to repay or thank- having someone to challenge negative or destructive thinking and to re direct, and gradually teach you to do this yourself- yes the antidepressants helpsed some but it was this counselling that made the biggest difference, the antidepressants basically helped sleep patterns and mood a little so that the rest was easier- does that make sense?? I am not trying to make things more comlicated, i understand that all this costs money - If you go to a multidisciplinary pain unit at one of the large hospitals the team includes psychologists, psychiatrists, medical staff, social workers and many others and there is no costs for the consultations etc- i know the waitng lists are an issue but i would be asking for a referral now! I have been under the pain unit for 20 yrs almost now and until i was diagnosed with MS a few yrs back my pain was well controlled and i had gone from being unabled to work at all , losing y home and living on a pension to almost fulltime wrk! the pain was still there but managed and my attitiude had changed = as was said- life may not be perfect but it is the life we have! for me the MS has complicated things a littel but until recently i would have siad the pain was still only a background thing sadly thats not the case a present- but i have thought though that i still can thank the help fom the pain unit now because with the ms issues as well i am scertainly more disabled and less independant but while i feel bad i don't feel like crawling under a rock yet! thats only because i have learnt the tools to cope better- initally we hope for cures when we have medical problems but in reality life is not like that, it becomes management and a good deal falls back onto us and from someone who said that is impossible 20 yrs ago, i now say, you would be surprised what you can do and how strong you still are if you get some help with your thoughts and demands on yourself
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8 years 3 months ago #13665 by titan55
Replied by titan55 on topic Feeling lost about my pain relief & future
hi garfieldrules.i think things will change a little bit for the best now that your little boy is going to a school a couple of days a week and 2 days at kindy.i strongly believe he is causing your bad migraines on top of all your other stress.personally,i think you should get off the codeine but that is up to you and your pain specialists.you come across as very overwhelmed and you need to sit back and think about how you can handle all these situations that arise in your life.when you son is at kindy or school,sometimes you should take the time to relax instead of running around houseworking or running errands.you need time to yourself.hopefully you will learn some relaxation moves which might help you as well.take the advice of others on this forum and i am always here for you to talk to sis.take care and good luck. :) :)

chronic migraines and headaches for over 25 years.
intercystitial cystitis.
chronic facial pain due to allergies
irratable bowel syndrome
chronic upper tummy pain
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8 years 3 months ago #13706 by hopeful_kate
Replied by hopeful_kate on topic Feeling lost about my pain relief & future
One breathing exercise I find really helpful is putting one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. As you breathe in and out, try and keep both hands moving up and down at the same rate. It's quite tricky and a good distraction. I do it with my eyes closed and usually lying down (but can be done sitting up).

GR I don't have migraines but I have constant head pain (which is often so bad that it may as well be a migraine). My pain doctor says that the worst thing you can be on is codeine. Even some of the stronger meds arent as bad for rebounds. On the other hand I've tried everything to ease this pain and absolutely nothing has helped even in the slightest (well drugs, anyway) distraction, seeing a psychologist and trying to keep stress to a minimum (as much as possible) helps somewhat. You probably can't watch tv so try and find something funny to listen to. Even if you only get a little giggle, it all helps. Try downloading some comedy... I know it's not a fix but sometimes when I'm feeling completely miserable, an episode or 2 of "new girl" really does help!
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8 years 3 months ago #13728 by Mary
Hi Kate and thank you for putting up the information on the breathing exercise. Did someone teach you that method or did you work it out for yourself? The reason I ask is that I teach breathing for relaxation as part of a chronic conditions self-managment course that I facilitate and I think that your system will not quite do what it should. Almost - but not quite :)

The idea is to place one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen as you stated. However, the hand on your chest should remain still while the one on your abdomen should rise and fall. That way you are filling your lungs right to the bottom. Many people just use the top half of their lungs to breathe.

This method is one that I use regularly and you can do it anywhere, even at the stoplights!! I read that it calms the sympathetic nervous system and, since for some of us that is the thing that maintains our pain, that is a good thing. It is very good to use if you can't get to sleep at night too.

Thank you for raising the subject Kate because it is an important issue and another piece of the jigsaw that can help to calm CP


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