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Hi grappers its peppa,

Thanks heaps for replying to my last post, as it is sincerely appreciated.

Your collection must be amazing and you,re right; sometimes its an interest, a word of comfort and support and anything else;
which helps distract us from the pain; which makes all the difference.

Its brilliant that you salvage the fishing rods and then pass them to your grandchildren.
Wow, congratulations on the grandchildren, thats amazing.

How do you remember all the birthdays? Must keep you busy?

Your grandaughters collection of Beanie Kids sounds absolutely Awesome.!
Sounds like shes got heaps of them to play with, which is brilliant
these little bears have heaps of character and can really fuel a chil ( or adults ) imagination.
I,m hoping that she gets heaps of joy; from playing with them.

all the warmest wishes and thanks


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8 years 1 day ago #15940 by Wendles
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Hi Peppa
I too have the collecting bug. Over the years I have collected horse postcards, stamps, and much more but now I have limited myself to just a few. I love recipe books, I just can't help myself with them and I just love trying new recipes each week. So Don we might have to swap recipes. I also collect jewelry the sort that is just a bit different of traditional for a culture ( have some made with seeds, bone, ostrich egg, cactus thorns etc) and also ones depicting insects, I so love insects! My smallest collection is mugs with sheep on them, it started when my Dad bought me a mug back from Santa Barbra with a Baba sheep on it I have a terrible sense of humor.

So Peppa I think collecting is a great hobbie to fill the hours and the mind, it's just a shame that it usually fills the house and empties the wallet. :-)

There is always a SMILE
in your day,
you just need to find it!

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8 years 1 day ago #15947 by grappers
Replied by grappers on topic The journey
Hi Peppa, we write all the birthdays on the calendar, I have a terrible memory for dates, the only ones permanently imprinted in my brain is my wife's birthday and our wedding anniversary, if I forgot those my name is mud, I have only forgotten once and boy did I cop it.
My granddaughter doesn't play with her beanie kids, they have to be kept in perfect condition, being Autistic it is an obsession to her, so if you do handle them she watches closely to make sure they don't get dirty or damaged. If she ever sold them she would make a fortune as she has a lot of collectable ones, but I can never see her parting with them.

My wife is into crystals and gems, she use to have her own shop when we lived in Victoria and when new deliveries came in she would always have first pick, she did start one in Adelaide but had to close because looking after our Autistic granddaughter was very demanding even though she was in school as she would get called away from the shop to settle her down all the time, which meant closing the shop as she could not afford extra staff to look after it while she was out. We now have a house full of crystals and gems, three very large 4 shelf display units and any space that will hold one around the house, the rough stones are outside and fill a large wheelbarrow, her collection continues to grow as she has kept in touch with wholesalers and they ring her when interesting pieces come in. Moving house is a big drama apart from all the weight each piece has to be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and packed.

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8 years 1 day ago #15950 by peppa
Replied by peppa on topic The journey
Hi Mrs Wendles its peppa here

thank you so much for replying to my earlier post about collecting
as it is sincerely appreciated.

I,m glad i asked about this, because we are all so different and what everyone collects is always as diverse and individual they are.i

ts excellent , because it enables us to focus on some positive things; even through the tough times.

Mrs Wendles,Your collection sounds, amazing , diverse and really interesting and i,m glad i,m not alone with the collecting Bug.

I,m also just amazed at the variety of items people find interesting and facinating to collect
and the joy they experience; once they have been able to add an elusive new piece to their priced poccessions.

warmest regards peppa
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8 years 1 day ago #15952 by peppa
Replied by peppa on topic The journey
hi grappers its peppa here

Wow, i can really appreciate the Beanie Kids, that your Grandaughter must have, having collected them myself, over the past ten years or so now.

I,ve also kept ;the yellow swing-Tags in mint condition which actually values them as well as the types of B.K it is and the age and rarety of the B.K itself.,

A lot of collectors of these cute character bears would be frothing at the mouth.
bless her for taking such excellent care of them all!

I,m also totally blown away by your wifes interst in crystals, because i too luv them and have a few myself;
which i,ve been fortunate enough to aquire over the years.

Our collections are,as stated previously an interst which at times helps keep us sane; when everytihng else around us ifeels like its going nuts.

Bless her too, for caring for your grandaughter and i really hope that you both recieve the care and support f
that you deserve .

warmest regards


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8 years 1 day ago #15953 by peppa
Replied by peppa on topic The journey
Hi Mrs Shingles, its peppa here

please dont, think that i,ve forgotten your reply to my post
just taken some time to reply , as i can only sit at the computer for a short periods of time.

You must have a lovely and gracious family who care very much about you.

I felt touched by your experiences and the time that your family, has taken to find the perfect gift for you,
so that they can see a smile on your face;
they know that what they have given you; will bring such joy.

they must be very special to you!

Your collection sounds really interesting and its one, that can continue to go over the years.

Your gift from your mother must be very special too and i too would cherish it, along with the memories of her.

I also appreciate your recipe and cook book interest as well,
the cook in our family here is my husband; who lus to cook - honestly!

He collects recipes and luvs to experiement with a each new one; that he has discovered.

What makes it interesting though i think, is that he loves vegetarian food, but i eat both meat and vegetarian dishes which he prepares for us.
so i,m really really lucky in this way.

We,ve been together for years and hes an excellent chief.

so i can understand your luv of cooking and the need to gather new recipes + try them out.

thank you for taking the time to reply,
as i really do find it facinating to hear about what people luv to collect.

i,ve got to admit though, , my collections have changed over the years; depending on whats caught my interest at the time.
and yes every one of them, all of the things i,ve collected; aslo helps to bring a smile to my face; when i see them.

warmest regards

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