Nocturnal cramps

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Some good suggestions here guys, thanks .:-)

I thought I had my legs pretty much under control (enough to put them to the back of my my mind anyway!) No caffeine, chocolate and, of recent times artificial sweeteners, plus avoiding trialling any new medication that flares it up.

But here it is in the middle of the night and can't sleep again with aching leg muscles and full on electricity running through them...damn it!

Took high potency magnesium powder from naturopath for years since injury to relax jaw and neck muscles, but it never helped a jot with the legs. The agitation (needing to constantly move) is not happening at the moment, it's just the aching and electricity that's keeping me awake.

Just when you think this CP caper is levelling goes and takes a left turn, doh! The heat wave has passed, but still symptoms worse than ever tonight.

I'm just getting to the point of thinking "whatever" and stop fighting trying to work out why or what caused it cos I think, by its very nature, CP is an unpredictable beast and I'm sick of wasting my energy trying to work it out.

Thank God I don't have to work cos each days unpredictability just would make working impossible. At least this way I can just roll with the flow and take each day and sleepless night as it comes...maybe I'm getting to the place of true acceptance :-) last!


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