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8 years 2 months ago #14019 by grappers
Will any doctor help was created by grappers
Sassy I would seek a second opinion, some may say you are doctor shopping but in fact you know your body and something is not right, the pain you are describing sounds like sciatic nerve problems, which then gives you referred pain down through the hip, right down the leg to your foot, don't sit back and do nothing an MRI will show any damage in that area.


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8 years 2 months ago #14021 by Oxytotem
Replied by Oxytotem on topic Will any doctor help
Hey sassy welcome to the forum.there are many other medications, which are not s8 meds the doctor can prescribe, such as lyrica, gabapentin, Celebrex, certain antidepressants that can effect nerve pain, anticonvulsants etc.definetly try to get a second opinion because some doctors can have very little experience in chronic pain and nerve problems.ive heard some doctors only get about an hours training in chronic pain,so I can imagine they wouldn't have a clue in such a vast and complex topic.also ask for excersises or stretches that will help either from a better GP or a physio.they can really help.core strength is the most important aspect of preventing and helping with lower back injuries as the abdominal muscles job is to support the spine and keep it strong.im not saying you need a 6 pack to be doing better, just need to tighten up the muscles.avoid conventional sit-ups though as these will put excess strain on the lower spine.pilates is probably the best type of excersise you can do, and most of the excersises i was given at the orthopaedic unit at the hospital was pilates type stretches.best of luck sassy,take care,Tom

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8 years 2 months ago #14024 by Mary
Replied by Mary on topic Will any doctor help
Hi Sassy,

Firstly, see if you can get a second opinion. If that dr. says the same as the first, then see if you can be referred to a pain management clinic. Preferably what we call a multidisciplinary clinic where you will get a pain specialist, physiotherapist, psychologist and sometimes more. That way you will get the correct medication for your condition. The other things that you will learn there are just as important as medication. If you are referred to a pain management clinic at a public hospital, there may be a significant waiting period, but it will be worth the wait.

Meanwhile a physiotherapist may be able to help you with some gentle exercises that will still help to strengthen your supporting muscles as well as easing some of the tension in your back.


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8 years 2 months ago #14046 by Livingit
Replied by Livingit on topic Will any doctor help
I really feel for you, I know what it's like to be undiagnosed. In your case, as was mine, I think a neurosurgeon is most likely to provide an answer for you. No GP can say whether or not a neuro will operate. I would seek a new GP until you get a referral. It really does sound like nerve root compression and they won't know that without an MRI. Good luck at the physio.

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8 years 2 months ago #14048 by Mandy
Replied by Mandy on topic Will any doctor help
What sort of specialist did they refuse to send you to Sassy? Have you seen anyone who specialises in pain management? Just because you may not be a candidate for surgery doesn't mean there aren't other things that can help you manage your pain - it's often a combination of different things that work for different people. As Oxytotem said, there are different kinds of meds that can be tried to help you along the way. A good physio should also work with you to design an exercise program that is suitable for you. Let us know how you go!

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8 years 2 months ago #14050 by Santosha
Replied by Santosha on topic Will any doctor help
Hi Sassy,
Firstly don't give up hope and secondly don't put up with people who aren't sympathetic to your pain or willing to help you explore what is going on with your body.
A good differential diagnosis is generally the place to begin.
If your current doctor is not interested then find another doctor with a better attitude.

A GP can order certain things like xrays, however you will need a specialist for other things like MRI's, CT scans, SPECT CTs, etc.
Get your GP to give you the names of a few specialists as sometimes you will find that one has a shorter waiting list to get in to than another.
Sometimes it is worth getting two specialist opinions anyway so you can get a sense of whether they have the same diagnosis and treatment suggestions.

A physiotherapist is also a good potential option, yet having some sort of scan or xray will allow them to better diagnose your situation.

Once you can get a bit of a diagnosis, you will have a better sense of what may alleviate your symptoms.
Additionally you can ask more relevant questions and start doing some research into available treatments.

As someone else has suggested, a pain management program is often a good way to learn a variety of info about managing and living with pain. Just be aware that not all programs emphasise the same things, so ask around to see if a particular program will better suit your needs than another.

All the best,


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