Will any doctor help

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sassy! just wondering how things went for you, if you have been able to find a decent local doctor to help you yet?? re reading this thread when i got to the point that you found the prednisolone for for your dermatitis helped your back pain. I realized that prednisolone and other steroids are very potent anti inflammatory drugs- they work in a different way to the standard arthritis drugs but they have an anti-inflammatory basis none the less- thats how they help your dermatitis. So maybe they are reducing local inflammation just enough to reduce your pain but they are not drugs you can use long term for this though- it just explains why they may have helped somwhat

hope our dermatitis is easing- at least that really extreme heat and humidity seems to have eased back but i not they estimate next week we get back to mid thirties- still pretty warm for mid to late march!- hope things have improved for you some anyway

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