Saturday horrors

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8 years 2 weeks ago #15576 by Johnno
Replied by Johnno on topic Saturday horrors
Thanks Don,
I haven't been this way for quite a while it may be the cortisone has worn off will see doc in the morning and have another shot I hoped it would last longer than two months.
Suppose this is the p,,, we have to bear


as long as I wake up alive I'm happy
Because it could be worse

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8 years 2 weeks ago #15578 by Punk265
Replied by Punk265 on topic Saturday horrors
It's honestly so relieving at times (sorry John) to hear that others have bad days/moments where you get so lost in the pain that it consumes you. I had a terrible day yesterday & was reduced to tears over simply getting dressed to leave the house. My leg has been awful over the last few days & has increased in its irritability to the point I can't handle clothes below the knee or have the doona over it & I can assure you with tops of 12 on yesterday & today, I have felt the cold!! While this level of pain is not new, it had been a good run for me for a little while & having bad days really takes it's toll at times.

I am still coming to terms with what I've lost as a result of my nerve damage & with days like the last few, struggle even more! I've gone from a horse riding, gym going, very active person to a recliner/wheelchair/crutches & like you John, find it hard to distract myself when I can no longer do the things I love. I know everyone deals with things differently & has different coping mechanisms, but I find getting onto this forum, texting & talking to friends & family on the phone or Internet & generally sticking my head into my iPad for a while takes my mind off things.

Hope you're feeling better now & enjoying an early night.

Peripheral neuropathy/CRPS/Chronic pain

Keep ticking off the attainable by focussing on the 'Can' rather than the 'Can not' in your day.

It is what it is, tomorrow's a brand new day.

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8 years 2 weeks ago #15581 by vicgirl
Replied by vicgirl on topic Saturday horrors
John, hope you manage to get that shot done tomorrow and that this one gives you a lot more relief than the last one has.

And hope tomorrow is a better day than today was.

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8 years 2 weeks ago #15583 by kebsa
Replied by kebsa on topic Saturday horrors
john, i justed wanted to add my name o those that are heree saying, we understand all to well what you are experiencing. I too was a very active person, and had a very active job- these days i am completely wheelchair dependant but i do have MS as well as chronic pain. its hard to accept being a less physical person if tha is what your basica charecter is.

as the others hve said, listening to msi and usin relaxation techniques really do help. I love my ipod and i have accmulated differnt playlists that i can use depedning on what my mood is like-some music will help relax you, others will help me cry and then other will actualy start to lift me up again.I am a person that needs to feel in control and i guess one of the things that i got depressed and angry about was basic loss of control , i really hate feeling i am not in control of myself. it could become a bit detructive if i ould not clear that stuff out of my head- all that angry self talk about what you want o do but can't. So one of the other things tha has help me is tha i can no longer be physically active but i can be mentally active. if i can't clear tha negative thinking out of my head then i can ocpy myself with things like logic puzzles, code breakers sudoku an any of the huge variety of puzzles out there- i think of it as mental gymanastics instead of the physial stuff i used to be able to manage

if all esle fails, you mentioned watch a movie, i have built up quite a substantial dvd collection too as i often cannot sleep-(i am writing this at 3 in the morning!) and there is nothing but infomercials about the next razy excercise machine or AAh bra!-who needs to watch over 30 minutes about aports bra! anyway, i started buying ex rental dvd's from the local dvd libray - i also get tv serials- recently i had a james bond marahon where i watched all the piercie bronson and danile raig movie culiminating in Skyfall! it certainly got my mind offf things

the last option for me is that i started drawing, something i di when i was in highschool but not since and now i have been paractising and i aim fr the realistic look that needs a lot of attention detail- ever thing goe from you head and you just focus on the art work you are doing- do you have a hobby or iterst that requires a lot of attention to detail??

anyway, if nothing else you know you are not alone, and that can be helpful- i find pain is very isloating, you can feel alone hen you are in the middle of a crowded room- ther will always be someone wih you when you come here though!

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8 years 2 weeks ago #15586 by Mary
Replied by Mary on topic Saturday horrors
You are certainly right about being lonely in a crowded room kebsa. That can be one of the most isolating things.

The psychologist that I saw who helped me with self-hypnosis, relaxation and more, had a great way of thinking about this very thing. I was bemoaning the fact that I had been to a committee meeting the previous evening and, as I looked around the table, I felt as though I was the only one who was not going off to do some wonderful, productive work the next day. She said that I would have had no idea if anyone at that table was not well, had chronic pain of some sort or some other major problem. She said that most people do, in fact, have some pretty big things happening fairly often. When you think about that, it is true.

Every time I have been in pain when I am in a roomful of people, I remember that conversation. It really helps. It doesn't fix the pain, but it does help with the "loneliness" of it. Like most things, it isn't 100% of the answer, but it is certainly another part of the jigsaw puzzle.

I think that after some practice at that (everything about dealing with CP takes practice!) I don't feel so lonely most of the time. I just feel like "one of the gang".


Not every day is a good day, but there is good in every day.

"“It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

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8 years 2 weeks ago #15589 by grappers
Replied by grappers on topic Saturday horrors
I also think society has changed, once people use to care about the aged and sick, if you broke down in your car someone would stop and help, today they turn their heads. In todays paper there was an article where a girl came off her push bike on the bike track through the Torrens river four cyclists just rode straight past even though she was injured and another group were working out and still offered no assistance.
Why has society become so self centred, what are the kids today learning, we are still active members of the community and yet we get shrugged off, left alone like lepers.


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