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8 years 2 weeks ago #15597 by MrsBlack96
Ketamine Infusion!! was created by MrsBlack96
Hello Guys

I have been diagnosed with CRPS used to be known as RSDS.... My doctors have already tried, Gabapentin, Cymbalta, Lyrica, Lopax, Patches (which i overdosed on and ended up in hospital), I have had medication testing in hospital, a stellate ganglion nerve block, MRI, CT scans, nerve conduction tests, physio, accupuncture, accuptomy, hypnosis there are more medications but i cant remember the names of them :)..... all of these havent worked for me!!!!

We are at the point that there arent many more options avaliable to us.... They have suggested two more things that we can try.... one is a ketamine infusion and the other is burning the nerve ends so that i wouldnt feel pain.... Has anyone had any experiences with either of these??? I am at the point where i will try anything and everything... Am just keen to hear if anyone else has tried anything else??


Alicia :)

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8 years 2 weeks ago #15601 by grappers
Replied by grappers on topic Ketamine Infusion!!
Mrs Black96 if you look in the heading Pain Management with Pharmaceutical Medication there is a thread called Ketamine, most these people have had the infusion done and have commented on what effect it has, some have even posted day to day reports while in hospital.
There are a couple of people that have had their nerves burnt and I an sure they will get back to you if not have a look through the archived thread I am pretty sure there is a topic on that as well.


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8 years 1 week ago #15692 by vicgirl
Replied by vicgirl on topic Ketamine Infusion!!
Hi MrsBlack...

I'm sorry your diagnosis HAS turned out to be CRPS. I'm one who's been badly burnt by ketamine - but I do know many CRPS-ers who've done well on it.

I notice that your doctor has suggested 'burning the nerves'...and am guessing by this that they mean something called a 'sympathectomy'? Of course, I'm no doctor, but I have never heard of this turning out well - to the point that many doctors now refuse to perform the procedure. What you are essentially doing is turning off some of the circulatory control, the ability to sweat, things like that. You also - by deliberately causing nerve damage - run the risk of worsening the CRPS locally or triggering spread elsewhere.

Best of luck :)


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