Unexplained Chronic pain

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Hi Pran,

I'm sorry but no, the diagnosis is from the referred pain, and the type and intensity, so basically the way it presents like burning heals, but if you stick a pin in I don't feel it that sort of stuff.

And as the joint is degenerating it gets worse as I get older, at some point I will have to have surgery regardless of the cost and outcome because the pain will have become intolerable, but for now I cycle my meds and hang on.

Hey Don, mate do you have any info on the Spinal Stimulator I was thinking about that the other day but I don't know a lot about how they work or even if it would help, but I figured I could show my Doc and see what he thinks, what was the recovery time if you don't mind me asking ?


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Hi Illeatyu,
If you go to this website www.medtronic.com.au/our-therapies/neuro...conditions/index.htm you can look at the information on here, this is the company that supplied my stim through the public hospital system, the surgeon who implanted it, does it for this company for both private and public patients, the technicians who program the stim for you are very dedicated and will bend over backwards to help, I was given her mobile no in case I had problems or needed it reprograming, the appointment for this happened the next day.
Don't expect them to remove all your pain, when the area it has to cover, like in my case from the middle of my back to the toes, some places it just barley touches, like just misses all my back pain, it also doesn't stop bad flare ups, you can turn it up to cover it, the stimulation becomes uncomfortable, like have a tens unit on flat out, all in all it is better that the pain I use to have to put up with, as I have posted before at least I get some sleep now, after 3 years of virtually having none while being on sleeping tablets.

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