Migrating spasms of spinal nerve-pain and rows of red bumps

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5 years 5 months ago #23815 by notdoneyet
Has anyone experienced anything like this? For the last three months I've had a migrating pain syndrome that doesn't fit any of the usual categories. Every few days I have what feel like excruciating muscle spasms (but I think it is a spinal sensory nerve pain, not actual muscle spasms) in one area of my body, then a few days off before the next one hits, either in the same place or a new one. Started with individual arm muscles, one at a time, first one arm, then the other; then "tooth" pain, jaw pain, "tendonitis"-like pain in forearms, shoulder pain; then it started migrating down my back - at first upper chest pain, front and back (heart checked out OK), then epigastric pain, front and back (gastroenerologist said it's not GERD), now it's up to lower thoracic lower ribs and diaphragm-stomach.

When it hits I'm debilitated in agony for an hour or two of waves of pain, which then slowly ease and I usually have a few days of respite. Along with this there are strange rows of itchy red bumps, not typical shingles, both sides of my back and in one segment at a time. Some of these have appeared where my osteopath has been working, but others just come up on their own. Five or six doctors later, no wiser, but one suggests it may be either a human herpes virus and/or autoimmune channelopathy (blood tests done but results pending) - I'm on Mg and phosphotydilserine and lysine, but so far it hasn't touched the sides, neither does panadol, Valtrex, bicarb, Ibergast, etc. I'm posting in case this rings any bells with anyone, since it's a complete mystery to me and doctors!

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5 years 5 months ago #23817 by grappers
Hi notdoneyet,
Have similar issues, pain popping up where there seems to be no injuries, I put it down to an over sensitive nervous system as a result of nerve damage, as far as the rash goes, I also get a rash that comes out of the blue, some days it looks as though it walks across my body, as it moves from one spot to the other during the day, I also get ones that come up in red lumps with what looks like a small blister raised in the centre, these are painful to start, and when the tiny blister bursts they itch like hell, skin specialist haven't been able to find out what or causes either of them, even after biopsies, I have been told to stay away from soaps and cleaning products.


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5 years 5 months ago #23820 by arjay
Hi Notdoneyet.

This may be relevant or not dumb or not.

Some time ago I had miscellaneous pain triggers /symptoms etc really weird and random all over the body

. Using one of the sites I frequent it suggested Hydrocalceamia .

As i had just gone off calcium tablets recently because blood tests showed there was no problem and the doc said large doses can cause heart problems. Nothing to lose I started to take them again

Bingo All gone.

Tests are not always 100% Calcium is critical to the proper function of cells and in this case it worked.

If a 1 calcium tablet is not dangerous maybe worth a try.

I have no insurance or money so there .

Regards Arjay

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