Oh dear God I hope someone can help me!

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3 years 3 months ago #28741 by stroppytom
Oh dear God I hope someone can help me! was created by stroppytom
I am in my late 50s...no spring chicken. I am overweight. I am reasonably okay health-wise BUT I've had a few setbacks of late. Please forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place but I am at my wit's end and finding an Australian forum I consider a Godsend.

Last year I developed extremely painful sciatica...when asked by a doctor I gave the pain a "10/10" rating. I was promptly admitted to the Epworth hospital in Melbourne and operated on using the "microdiskectomy" system which is keyhole surgery in which a tiny set of scalpel sheers is guided by an endoscope to remove the compressing tissue to free the nerve. The surgery worked wonderfully and I was home in a couple of days. Pain free...marvellous! But this is not the reason for my post.

About a month and a half ago I had a stupid fall (I used a chair instead of a ladder...I am no genius!) which resulted in seven broken ribs. Ouch! The reason I fell was that as I tried to power myself up my leg simply went into a spasm of pain. Unable to support me I fell. This was due, as I was later to find out, by a wonky femur in my right leg. I have developed avascular necrosis (femur bone death) in the right femur (hip) which will necessitate a replacement hip in the near future. The ribs are now healing and that pain is nearly gone BUT I have developed other pains which are frightening me to death.

I have severe lower back pain, just above the beginning of the crevice of the backside. When I get up to try and walk the pain also manifests as pain and pressure at the back of my neck and at the back of my upper arms. The pressure is like someone is pumping up a balloon at the base of my neck. It is truly awful and has only started today. I have taken my normal pain meds (for the hip) which are Celebrex along with Palexia IR 50mg and Palexia XR 100mg. The medication isn't helping.

I have had a full nuclear scan of the skeleton...it found the avascular necrosis and, obviously, the broken ribs but nothing was mentioned about the spine. This pain is so bad it has taken away my appetite...caused a couple of horrible panic attacks and is not eased by sitting on a special orthopaedic cushion or lying down. The nutty thing is that I have just come out of hospital where I was scheduled for the hip replacement. The surgeon looked at my leg...spotted two large pimples in the hip/buttock area and promptly said..."Those pimples are an infection risk so no surgery for you until they clear". He wasn't all that interested in the back pain (granted, he is a very busy man) and I was discharged to return in a fortnight.

Right now the pain is so severe that I feel like taking a packet of sleeping tablets and ending things. The only thing stopping me is that no one would take on my elderly and beloved dog so I cannot leave her.

Can someone here offer some advice? There has been no interference with passing urine or faeces (thank God) but the pain is causing secondary headaches. Andy advice offered will be greatly appreciated.

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3 years 2 months ago #28813 by Johnno
Replied by Johnno on topic Oh dear God I hope someone can help me!
Hi Tom,

The only thing I could suggest is see your GP and make an appointment with a good nuerosurgeon and go from there .
I hope this smidge of help is helpful.


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