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3 years 2 months ago #28806 by Paddysquestion
Medical neglegence was created by Paddysquestion
Hi excuse my grammar and spelling as I'm not the best at English...
About three weeks ago I presented my self to emergency department at the hospital with what I thought was severe pain on my left flank (kidney) I was told I have a large amount of kidney stone and they need to put a j stent in straight away. Ihad it put in that night. When I woke I was in extreme discomfort and pain for the 5 days after I was in hospital on endone and morphine for pain. The whole time drs where saying its normal, while the nurses say its not, the pain is unbearable at times. Another 3 days pass and I am discharged from hospital to go back to work. So i go back to work next day.. Wow that was stupid cause the pain I was in after I had finished was worse so I go back to hospital and im discharged 3 days after the same I go back to hospital told by drs I'm good but told by the nurses and paramedics that I need to investigate.
It has now been 3 weeks since i haD my first admission to hospital and I am now on targin to deal with the pain and I almost feel that there is some neglegence here as I am stilll in pain while on targin I am still pissing blood like alot I am 25 years old and am scared of going to sleep and never waking up as i have so many complications that are not being dealt with I am scared and confused as to what I should do next as campbelltown hospital has just told me to keep goon on with my life I still have 3 months until this thing gets taken out. What should I do?
I am scarred shittless ATM.. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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3 years 2 months ago #28811 by Johnno
Replied by Johnno on topic Medical neglegence
Hi Paddy,

Quick suggestion get some legal advice .


as long as I wake up alive I'm happy
Because it could be worse

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3 years 2 months ago #28850 by pamcarr
Replied by pamcarr on topic Medical neglegence
hi Paddy,
just wondering - have you passed the stone?? when the doctor put the stent in, did they remove the stone?? I would be asking, because that may be the reason for the ongoing pain, have they said how long you will have the stent in place? If you are still passing blood in your urine, you need to see the doctor? do you have a good gp? ask him and see what he says

when you find out, do let us know

good luck

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