CAT scan results upsetting.

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2 years 11 months ago #29098 by perilous
CAT scan results upsetting. was created by perilous
Hi everyone,
I've been pretty quiet on the site - just struggling to live a normal life despite needing two knee replacements. However my back has always been a problem, and when I started to get tingling down one leg, and a lot of pain in my back, my dr ordered a spinal cat scan. I'm so upset by the results and hope you don't mind me relating what the report says, in the hope that some of you may have suggestions as to what I can do - my dr says no surgeon will touch my back because the damage is so widespread. Please bear with me!
"Multilevel severe discal degeneration in the lumbar spine with some progression from 2016, in particular the spondylolisthesis is new. There is now severe canal stenosis at L4/5 and to a lesser degree at L5/S1 bilaterally . There is also moderateSIJ arthrosis. There is secondary flattening of thethecal sac and compression of the emergingL5 nerve roots."
I think a lot of my doctor but surely there is more I can do than take Lyrica and resign myself to eventual life in a wheelchair! Unfortunately my weight is holding me back from having knee replacements - I could be in hospital within the month if I could lose another 12 kilos! So I'm pretty much devastated by the fact even with my knees fixed, I'll still be stuck with this crook back! Obviously I've gone online to check out the various expressions used in the report, but does anyone have a simpler explanation, and any suggestions as to what I can do to help myself?
Thank you

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