Delta Wave Music for pain management / meditation

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7 years 7 months ago #14918 by Collins
Hi Kebsa

MS carries many different side effects and so it is best to treat each condition that arises individually and specifically.

I have trouble sleeping from pain and this is why I began looking into sound frequencies I wake up every two - three hours from pain in my upper back /shoulder and neck

My Doctor and Pyschologist both independantly steered me into sound frequency treatment to help with meditation and sleep - both also said each other would know little about it - LOL - LOL - I told them both in the end thats not the case although both have given me extra tidbits of info to help that the other didnt mention -this just shows me that there is no sound frequency Doctor out there and this is why you have to be lucky to have someone in the medical profession to introduce you to it, even though its scientific fact - I think there will eventually be medical specialists in this field, until then we have to wait for the current range of medical professionals to pick it up and then reccommend it to patients.

I can almost guarantee that every acupuncurist uses sound frequencys during treatment and often dentists and pychologists will play it while your sitting in the waiting room - so it is slowly slipping its way into mainstrem medicine based on the benefits shown by science - you just have to be sometimes lucky to have a Doctor or Specialist that knows a lot about it at the moment but times will change.

So after looking into this

I use binaural frequencies that make my oxycodeine enhanced (I use the oxycodeine frequency for about 30 mins in the night to assist in knocking me out) I then afer being knocked out and just prior to bed then use binaural rest and deep sleep frequencies for about 30mins - 1 hour before trying to sleep

I then use the internet radio to play delta wave music during the sleep (the ambient / meditation stations)

It helps me sleep better and longer even though I have only been doing this for a few weeks - (the good part is that you actually get more effective with sound treatment with more experience just like meditation! - so it can only get better!)

So all in all its another effective tool in my anti pain bag of tricks that I have added

What meds are you taking? Let me know and I will see if I have the binaural frequencies for them!

I will also check through my frequencies to see what I have that may help you condition wise - I will get back to you on this, in the meantime just post your meds here if thats ok so I can match them to my binaural frequencys.


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7 years 7 months ago #14923 by kebsa
i have clonidine and mophine through a spinal pump so they are the main ones, then lyrica/tegretol for neuropathic pain, whne the pain gets out of control and there are other issues such as the equipment problems to deal with depression can be an issue and in the past i have resorted to avanza which i am trying to avoid this tiime but struggling a bit. Also you may note i am posting this at 2am- so sleep is a big factor. my routine is when there is no drowsy feeling at all get up and do something -just not high stimulus then when i feel the next wave of drowsiness go and settle down as best as i can in the nightmare of a chair i have at present so if you can reommend something to helps sleep it would be good

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8 months 3 weeks ago #30281 by OneDay_@_ATime
Replied by OneDay_@_ATime on topic Delta Wave Music for pain management / meditation
I know that this thread is really old but I was just searching binaural sounds for pain and depression and this thread came up.
Are you still active here?

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