Myofascial trigger point needling.

2 years 2 months ago #29066 by jplowman23
Replied by jplowman23 on topic Myofascial trigger point needling.
Im new to this - is that against the rules? no idea! Just putting my 2 cents in as a remedial masasage therpaist

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2 years 2 months ago - 2 years 2 months ago #29067 by Peter
Replied by Peter on topic Myofascial trigger point needling.
Hi jplowman23,

Yes promoting anyone's business, especially your own, is against the rules and could see your profile banned.

We do not allow any form of solicitation on this forum at all and there is no advertising of any clinical practice, clinicians or institutions without the expressed permission of the Board of Chronic Pain Australia.
And also without the permission of clinicians, because many of them do not want their names on public forums.

The reason for this is that this forum exists only as a place for chronic pain sufferers to come and talk to people who suffer the same and who understand each other and won't be judged or labelled. For them to be here without having all manner of people coming here badgering our members with the latest cure for chronic pain or fibromyalgia, which we have heard so many times over ad nauseum that is has become tiresome.

There are many vulnerable people who come to this forum to read and we don't want any of them being sucked in by 'snake oil' peddlers and believe me, there are thousands of them out there and they come here to bombard our forum regularly.

We do not give out clinical advice and won't allow anyone else to do it either, because that will put our organisation at risk of being sued if something goes wrong.

The only thing we allow is for members to talk about what they do for themselves personally what helps them and if others choose to try some of this out for themselves, then we take no responsibility for any of that.

Our only advice to anyone here is to go back to their health professional for advice.

So you can discuss this topic and any other, but don't give out any clinical advice, lest you break the rules and end up being banned.

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.



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2 years 2 months ago #29070 by Johnno
Replied by Johnno on topic Myofascial trigger point needling.
Hi jplowman23,
Mate you very nearly broke a cardinal rule by using your email address don’t panic if I had thought you had overstepped the line it would have been moderated and removed the bottom line .
Peter is one of the chief poo baas and he is very passionate and is very strict in this regard, for very good reasons so if you can be very mindful of what you do put on the forum advise is great especially your explanation RE dry needling and acupuncture (thank you ) I was thinking of heading back in for some more acupuncture for my nerve pain and lumbar issues but I will think of other ways to get relief .


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2 years 2 months ago #29073 by Brett3
Replied by Brett3 on topic Myofascial trigger point needling.
I have lived with pain 39 years and these last 18 of then severe chronic pain, I was seeing a great physio for 8 years , then a chiro and now a osteopath. Still fitting in chiro every few weeks. The osteo has been using dry needling on me for about the last four months ( he is very qualified ) Every visit he places the needles in my neck to keep my migraines under some form of control, to which it is helping. Also has started placing them every couple of visits in my lumbar and sacrum . I was at the end of my tether when I first seen him. I have tried remedial massage a few times. I get the most relief from the osteo and his dry needling. Never tried acupuncture . But what helps me don’t help another.

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