Neurostimulators and other such things

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Best of luck, I read your blog all of it and its a really good read, maybe the admins should put a permanent link up, it's a good representation of what we go through, it may well help new members.



“All the elements in your body were forged many, many millions of years ago, in the heart of a far away star that exploded and died. That explosion scattered those elements across the desolations of deep space. And came together to form you, you are unique in the universe.

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Hi Kate - I've had a stimulator for nearly seven years now - since I was 21.

My experiences were a bit different to Don's - I had my 7-day trial done with 'permanent' leads (a more invasive procedure) and rather than remove them, my permanent unit was connected directly following my trial period. We did it this way because my doctor felt I had a very high chance of it working - and doing it this way meant that we would retain exactly the same programs.

I've had multiple revisions on mine - lead migrations, battery replacements and so on. The lead revisions have been done with me awake. If you've any questions at all, please ask :)

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7 years 7 months ago #15743 by kebsa
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KATE, I don't have a stimulator but it certainly was considered a few yrs back ( i was deemed an in appropriate candidate) But i have the spinal pump and they are both similar costs (or they were )- when they first started talking about giving me the pump i had not been able to work for some time, in fact i had lost my home and was as close to bankcruptsy as one can be without actually going bankcrupt. But i had struggled to keep my private health insurance- i just could not afford out of pocket stuff. Anyway i had considered dropping my cover as it was really tough and i was told that at that time they could not afford to use pumps on public patients because they could treat about 4 patients for the cost of one pump even though for someone like myself, the pump had been deemed the only real choice! so i struggled to mainatine my insurance so that i could get the pump implanted - there was alway the agreement that i would have no out of pocket expenses
i had the pump implanted and was back at work remarkably quickly, gradually being able to increase my work hours to the point i was almost working full time! i continued to be able to work like this to the point of getting off the pension completely and it remained that way til i was diagnosed with MS some 4 yrs later and sadly since then i have had to gradually decrease my hours ad i have not worked at all for almost 2 yrs (though will be starting 8 hrs per week very soon if all goes well)- i guess if you oculd be sure that the stimulator would work for you then maybe the idea of a loan is not so silly if you can do it- you should not have to but it gets to the point that anything is worth it to get rid of or to ease pain!

since then when evere i have had procedures at the clinic (procedures where you have to be deemed as an inpatient forat least a day patient) i have signed as a private patient and have never had an out of pocket expense- if i have a consult with the consultant i get charged the full amount as if i were private but there is always a stamp saying medicare payment will be accepted as full payment. but from what i understand if they can usually afford to do 4 of these procedures per yr, if they do one where a person has private insurance even if they only accept what the cover pays (rather than the much hihger AMA rates) it means they can still do another 4 uninsured patients.

it really is worthwhile asking the questions, in a completely private system i fear it may be a conisderable cost but you may find the public system is worth enquiring about- private cover will not get you seen quicker though in the public system

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Bumping up!

I wish the ring (this Chronic Pain) had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened. (Frodo Baggins)
So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to us. (Gandalf the Grey)

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4 years 5 months ago #25283 by Lieu Trinh
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Hi Kate,
I had a Nevro spinal cord stimulater trial and it can be more then 7days if you feel your not entirely sure I had mine in for 3 weeks. Also check with your private health company but mine covered all of he medical expenses.


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