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7 years 11 months ago #10223 by Peter
Forum Personal Security! was created by Peter
Hi Members,

I received an email today from one of our members who was concerned at the amount of private information that is being placed on some members personal profiles, which is seen publicly.

After being on the net for quite some time and being involved in forums for around a decade, I have to agree with this member's concerns regarding personal information being made public.

Now, the site isn't set up to allow too much of your private info to be made public, which is why the menu items are as they are. However, if you feel that sharing your name, date of birth, sex and where you live, could be a security risk for you, then please by all means leave them blank and don't put the information in there.

If you are not bothered by this and have already placed that information for public viewing and are happy to continue doing so, then just leave it as is.

Sometimes I think it's good to have a reminder on internet security. I'm not suggesting anyone here is at risk. I just think it is a good idea for all of us to have a re-think about this issue and decide whether we are doing the right thing or not.

If you have any questions, just ask!


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7 years 11 months ago #10233 by Collins
Replied by Collins on topic Forum Personal Security!
Very good point that should be raised regularly Peter, it shows good vigilance on the organisations part.

This of course applies for to any site such as here or any other social media site such as facebook etc.

It is also very important that Members should also remember never to respond to supplying any passwords, personal or financial information by any email request no matter how official it looks and they should never use a link in an email or they may end up at a site that appears to be the same, but is in fact a site that designed to actually collecting personal or financial information. Also always use your favorites tab or type the address in when going to a site never use a link from another site as well for the same reason.

Remember genuine organisations will never request such information by email, but rather will advertise by newsletter that members need to login and check there details etc etc

Always keep vigilant and safe in protecting your identity and consider the impact of losing any particular device such as your phone, laptop, PC, keys and/ or wallet. If they get any one of these, do they get the whole lot because you have all the information unsecured in one single item or all? If this is you then reconsider your security and adjust accordingly.


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7 years 11 months ago #10236 by di
Replied by di on topic Forum Personal Security!
I had my visa card details stolen only 2 months ago. It was a frightening experience.

The first I knew about it was a call from my bank telling me my card was used overseas 15 minutes ago! :ohmy:
Thank goodness they were on to it but the inconvenience of having it happen and of course it was a Friday night.

I was with out my card for 5 days. My husband and I only have the one visa card so it was a pain in the butt!

We have no idea how or when the details were taken but apparently it's all too common.

After this happened, we went to a seminar about Internet safety against fraud.
Those little symbols at the bottom of our Avatars with the birth date and then location are ripe targets for unscrupulous fraudsters.

I noticed a new member has their BD, Suburb and full name in their signature panel.
Please, please think long and hard about removing such valuable information that's out on the open forum for any one to see.

Identity theft is real and very frighteningly easy already... let's not help make it easier for those monsters!!! :unsure:

Stay safe. xo
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7 years 11 months ago #10839 by kebsa
Replied by kebsa on topic Forum Personal Security!
i had a smilar situation some years back when i recieved a phone call saying that the back had detected that my card was being used in multiple locations around the workd in one time within the previous 15 minutes- they had frozen the account and called me. i consider myself to be careful but do use the net for banking, bill paying and shopping particularly at times when my MS flares and i am more housebound.
this was traced down to where i had ourchased musci down laods from a major site that stores card details! and they had been hacked_ both they and the bank acted quicjkly thankfully and as i had not done anythjing neglegent to contribute to the situation the cahrges werer not passed to me- i was issued with a new card and now i make sure that i do not deal with companies that keep your card information on line to speed up form filling, i would rather spend a few moments filling in a form!
i was always told to consider anything we put on the net as being posted on the ublic notice board in the tow square- once its out its permanent- evev posts in forums such as this can turn up in things like google searches despite passwrd protection-at least with some forums anyway. i am also suspicious of facebook and similar sites - social networking is great in theory but if not used wisely can cause problems

i was always told that it was best to consider that what ever we put on the internet was basically the equivalent to being posted on a notice baord in the town square except you cannot reomve the notice!!
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7 years 11 months ago #10844 by di
Replied by di on topic Forum Personal Security!
Good thing for people to remember kebsa.
If we don't want it know to the world then best you don't post it here. :unsure:

I'm not on face book either and I've always been vigilant about opening any emails.
There's a lot going at this time of year promoting sales and discount vouchers... be very careful, even if you think they're legit.

I got a bogus Woolworths one the other day offering $50. You just had to click on the link and provide some details... yeah right!!! :silly:

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7 years 11 months ago #10847 by kebsa
Replied by kebsa on topic Forum Personal Security!
i ot one supposidely from telstra, look very legit, but just seemed odd so rang them to cahck and sure enough it was some kind of scam. its amazing how genuine the emails look at time- its made me very suspicious. i know some utilities etc have tried to get us to move to paperless billing, even centrelink has an option fr us to get all our official "mail" over the net instead of snal mail and thay would prefer it as its cheaper for tem because of the postage saving but until they figure out a way to make things more secure, make it harder to forge company logos and letterheads etc, i will not go down that path- they will still need to keep the old snail mail woking for a while yet as far as i am concerned

the latest scam email i recieved, claimed to be from secret shopper wanting the email recipient to "test" western union money transfers by sending $500 to a particular address overseas- and supposidley when it goes throught\ they will reimburse the $500 with an extra $100 or so!- Sadly i am sure they have caught some on that one.
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