People who care for a family member or friend who lives with chronic pain, play a vital role in making sure that person’s chronic pain is managed correctly. This helps lead to a better quality of life for the person living with chronic pain. 

Carers also have a unique insight and understanding of what it is like for a person living with chronic pain. This is invaluable as understanding and compassion towards a person living with chronic pain is often reported to us as being one of the things which can most help someone manage their condition.

Chronic Pain Australia believes that as much as it is important to care for the needs of people living with chronic pain, it is also extremely important to make sure carers are taking care of themselves, which can be hard to do at times. After all, we can’t expect carers to take care of others if they aren’t taking care of themselves.

In Australia there are dedicated organisations set-up to assist people who care for a family member or friend with a disability or chronic condition. These organisations can help carers in a multitude of ways including practical on the ground ways and organising respite care when required. They are also a good place to contact at times when things start getting too much and you feel overwhelmed and unsure as what to do next in your particular situation.

Carers Australia organisations

State Carer Organisation

Web address

Carers NSW

Carers VIC

Carers QLD

Carers SA

Carers WA

Carers TAS

Carers ACT

Carers NT

Mental Health Carers organisations
If the person you care for lives with pain and a mental health issue, then there are other mental health specific carer organisations set-up to help you.

State Carer Organisation

Web address

Mental Health Carers NSW

Helping Minds – WA

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia – NT

Mental Health Carers QLD

Mental Health Carers TAS

Carers payments
The federal government, through the Department of Social Services offers financial assistance to Carers through a range of Carer related payments.  You can find out more information about these payments on the Department’s website or by contacting your state’s Carers Australia organisation.

Payment type

Web address

Carer payment

Carers allowance

Carer supplement

Carer adjustment payment

Child disability assistance payment

Pensioner education supplement