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  1. Pain distribution as reported on a body map, on its own, can be used to assign patients to distinct subgroups that are associated with differences in pain intensity, pain quality, pain impact and clinically-relevant three-month outcomes, according to a new study.
  2. A new study found a 68% increase in overdose events and a doubling of mental health crises among patients who were on stable opioid therapy but had their doses tapered.
  3. Symptoms for early COVID-19 infection differ among age groups and between men and women, new research has found.
  4. A team lights a path forward for improved treatment of conditions including addiction and epilepsy and chronic pain. In a new article, they report on a wireless transcranial optogenetic simulation device that can send light through the skull rather than physically penetrating the blood-brain barrier.
  5. A gene associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and pain hypersensitivity may actually decrease itch response, according to new research.