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  1. Researchers have discovered that an FDA-approved drug acts on support cells in the central nervous system to encourage sensory neurons to regrow after injury.
  2. Researchers can find signs of whether a person is on the way to developing the disease Lupus -- or is already ill. The revolutionary technique can be an important tool for diagnosing more autoimmune diseases.
  3. Researchers may have an uncovered new answers on how to create safer opioids. Design a new opioid to bypass the part of brain that feels pleasure, but retain the analgesic properties, which make opioids one of the most effective pain relievers. Researchers looked at how opioids may have become so widely abused.
  4. Researchers have described a new antibiotic that appears to have the potential to cure Lyme disease.
  5. It's long been known that meditative mindful breathing helps with various health conditions, including pain.